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Nikki Krawitz
Vice President Krawitz

Finance & Administration handles transactions of a financial and administrative nature for the University of Missouri. In performing our work we embrace high ethical standards and value integrity, honesty, objectivity, inclusiveness and reliability.

These values are part of the Finance & Administration Strategic Plan. This quarter InFocus is highlighting objectivity, inclusiveness and reliability.

  • Spotlight on Institutional Research & Planning - A group dedicated to Reliably providing Objective information for senior administrators in areas of planning, decision-making, and policy development. Learn more about this office within Finance & Administration.
  • Risky Business - "Recovering from the Frightful Weather Outside" - UM Risk & Insurance Management working with campus representative so secure an estimated $510,000 after the ice storm of January 2007.
  • Hats Off - To University employees who have given Exceptional Customer Service that assists Finance & Administration achieve our goals. Check out those award winners!
  • Account-Ability - Mileage reimbursement has changed starting January 1, 2008. Make sure you are reimbursed for the correct rate!

The goal of the newsletter is to enhance our customer service by providing information that will support the work that you do for the university. As always, we welcome your feedback and your contributions.

- Natalie "Nikki" Krawitz
  Vice President for Finance & Administration


Institutional Research & Planning

Mardy Eimers Institutional Research and Planning (IR&P) provides information for senior administrators in areas of planning, decision-making, and policy development.  The Office also supports the information needs and requirements of several University of Missouri internal and external constituents.

To perform these functions, IR&P utilizes data from multiple university information systems—financial, student, human resources, grants and contracts, and financial aid.  In addition, IR&P develops survey instruments, collects and analyzes data, and publishes reports using both primary and secondary data.  The Office is responsible for providing compliance and required data to the Missouri Department of Higher Education, National Center for Educational Statistics, data exchanges and peer alliances, and special requests from a host of external organizations.  Mardy Eimers, Director of the UM System and MU Institutional Research offices, provides leadership in coordinating efforts among the campus institutional research offices in order to minimize duplication, support a census data repository, share research methodologies, and achieve greater efficiencies.

Many facets of work require the department to be Objective, Inclusive, and Reliable. [ read more ]

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Featuring Challenging and Inspiring Thoughts

The Call to Serve Others

"To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money … and that is sincerity and integrity."

Douglas Adams

"The noblest services come from the nameless hands, and the best servant does his work unseen."

Oliver Wendell Holmes


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On the Road Again!

Make sure you are reimbursed for the correct mileage rate in 2008 for business miles driven. Effective January 1, 2008, the University will reimburse employees for business mileage incurred consistent with the IRS standard mileage rate of 50.5 cents per mile.

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riskyRisky Business

Recovering from the frightful weather outside!

Heavy snowfall, ice storms, and extreme cold can immobilize mid-Missouri. Of the 3 steps to gear up for severe winter weather (Prepare, Endure, and Recover), you can rely on the Office of Risk & Insurance Management (RIM) to work with the campuses to make sure the Recovery for the University campuses and hospital takes place by working closely with State, Local and Federal agencies. [ read more ]

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newsNews & Updates

arrowOffice of the Controller

Where is my 2007 Form W-2?

The University will mail your Form W-2's on or before January 31, 2008. If you have not received your W-2 by February 14, 2008, please notify your campus Payroll Office to receive a duplicate copy.

Although too late to change for this mailing, you can always logon to Web Applications, Employee Information, to verify or change your address information in your employee profile.

2007 Form W-2 - What is your name?

When you receive your W-2 for calendar year 2007, please check your social security number and spelling of your name to your social security card for accuracy.  If different, notify your campus Payroll Office for a W-2 correction.

Accounting Policy & Procedure Manual - Policies in the Spotlight!

bookLast quarter, the new Accounting Policy & Procedure Manual was introduced.  This quarter, we'd like to highlight four Internal Control policies which affect most staff at the University.  Internal Controls - maintaining Objective, Inclusive, and Reliable safeguarding of the University's assets. [ read more ]

arrowInternal Audit

Fiscal Misconduct Reporting Line - To Report Fraud and Fiscal Misconduct

Phone IconOn December 10, 2007, the University of Missouri implemented a Fiscal Misconduct Reporting Line (FMRL).  To access the FMRL, you can call a toll-free number, 1-866-447-9821, or log on to https://www.compliancehelpline.com/UM.jsp.  You can also access the Reporting Line through the UM Finance and Administration or Internal Audit websites.  Additional information regarding the Reporting Line can be found at the Fiscal Misconduct Reporting Line website.

This reporting line is not intended to replace or supersede other avenues of reporting which currently exist at the University (e.g., supervisors, Deans/Directors, etc.), but serves as an additional way for individuals to report fraud or fiscal misconduct so that appropriate action can be taken to resolve the issue.  Individuals may choose to identify themselves or have the ability to remain anonymous when reporting concerns if they so choose.

arrowPlanning and Budget

Budget Time!

This is a very busy time of year for the Office of Planning and Budget. We are currently working on enrollment projections reports, strategic financial planning assumptions, five year budget plans, marginal costs and revenues for FY 2009 budgets, as well as tuition and required fees and housing rates for FY 2009. These items will go to the Board as either information items or action items at their January and April meetings. We receive information and assistance from many of you as we prepare these items. Thank you all for your wonderful cooperation and support.

Budget building time is just around the corner for UM System departments.  Planning calendars will be distributed in early February and the first budget planning information will be due in early March.  Please let our office know if you need to make changes in your FY 2008 current budgets or in your base budget as we begin to plan for the New Year.

New Budget Analyst

Planning and Budget welcomed a new employee, Linda Edwards, to the department on December 17, 2007.  Linda comes from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources where she worked as a budget analyst and an accounting analyst.  Her experience preparing annual budgets, providing assistance and interpretation of financial reports and statements, and providing information to the legislature with regard to budgeting and planning will be extremely valuable in her work in the Office of Planning and Budget at the University. [ read more ]

arrowRisk & Insurance Management

Driving Safely in Winter Weather

You can rely on Missouri winters to have periods of snow, ice, and extreme cold. All of these can make driving treacherous. Here are some safety tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Centers for Disease Control, American Red Cross, and the National Safety Council to help make your winter road travel safer! [ read more ]

arrowFinance & Administration

Hat's off iconHats Off Award Winners!

The HATS OFF AWARD is the recognition from F & A to those who have made an Exceptional Customer Service Contribution to the University of Missouri, specifically in the facilitation F & A objectives. We thank the following people for doing their jobs … and then some! [ read about the winners ]

Each of us is vital to the success of the University. When you see someone making an Exceptional Contribution, let them know - you just might make their day!

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Focus On: Answer

Missouri S&T Rolla Building
Missouri S&T (formerly UMR), Rolla Building

The Rolla Building was the first building of the Missouri University of Science & Technology campus. On February 27, 1870, a legislative act was passed to enlarge the University of Missouri by creating the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy (MSM). The top two floors of the Rolla Building were rented by MSM and classes began on November 23, 1871 with a lucky Freshmen class of twelve men and one woman. Since then, Missouri S&T has expanded to a 284 acre campus with 65 degree-granting academic programs for 5,850 students from around the world.

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