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How we accomplish our jobs is as important as the jobs themselves. This quarter´s InFocus newsletter is highlighting being Innovative yet Consistent. We value Consistency by delivering on our promises and performing our work reliably time and time again. We engage the creative energy of our staff in developing Innovative solutions to better serve our customers and stakeholders.

  • Spotlight on Office of Planning and Budget - The group that Consistently has its fingers on the pulse of University spending, and every year finds Innovative ways of balancing the budget. Learn more about this office within Finance & Administration.
  • Account-Ability - "Counting on you to Count!" - It´s inventory time again. A huge thanks to everyone involved with the semi-annual inventory of all equipment and plant assets required by federal law. These inventories also keep the University eligible for funding thru numerous agencies!
  • Risky Business - "CRASH! Do you know what to do after an accident in a University vehicle?" - UM Risk & Insurance Management has created an innovative wallet card for those who drive University vehicles. A new way to make sure you are can be consistent with University policy during the stress of a vehicle accident.
  • On the Drawing Board **NEW** - This new column will feature current University projects in the design phase with UM Facilities Planning and Development. This month, the UMHC Orthopaedic Institute is "On the Drawing Board".
  • Hats Off - To University employees who have given Exceptional Customer Service that assists Finance & Administration achieve our goals. Check out those award winners!

The goal of the newsletter is to enhance our customer service by providing information that will support the work that you do for the university. As always, we welcome your feedback and your contributions.

- Natalie "Nikki" Krawitz
  Vice President for Finance & Administration


Office of Planning and Budget

Cuba Plain The University of Missouri System Office of Planning and Budget is a partner and advocate for the effective use of University resources through planning, analysis, accountability, and alignment of resources to priorities. The Office of Planning and Budget has four primary functions. We serve as the liaison office with the Missouri Department of Higher Education and the legislature and prepare the appropriations request for operations. We staff the budget planning and development work of the Board of Curators and senior administration of the University and provide support and guidance to the campus budget offices. We also serve as the system administration budget office. We work closely with the campus budget and accounting offices and other offices within system administration.

We offer responsive feedback and take all requests seriously. Our mission is to collect, analyze, and interpret data appropriately in a timely manner to create a foundation for policy and decision-making. Although we are a small unit we strive to develop a well-integrated, critical thinking group of people who can work in a fast paced, high volume, detail oriented environment. The Planning and Budget vision is to be viewed as the preferred value added unit providing consulting services on financial matters and their resulting budget implications.

This is a very busy time of year for the Office of Planning and Budget. [ read more ]

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Featuring Challenging and Inspiring Thoughts

Being a Person of Influence: Its Starts with Integrity

Integrity is your best friend. And it´s also one of the best friends that your friends, colleagues, and associates will ever have. When people around you know that you´re a person of integrity, they know that you want to influence them because of the opportunity to add value to their lives or to what they want to achieve. They don't have to worry about your motives. They know that you have their best interest in mind.

A cartoon published several years ago in the New York Times illustrates how difficult it can be to sort out another person´s motives. Some hogs were assembled for a feeding, and a farmer was filling their feed trough to the brim. One hog turned to the others and asked, "Have you ever wondered why he´s so good to us?" A person of integrity influences others because he or she wants to bring something to the table that will benefit them - not put them on the table to benefit himself or herself.

The road of integrity may not be the easiest path to follow, but if you want to be a person of influence, it's the only one that will get you where you ultimately want to go. And remember this:

Many succeed momentarily by what they know;
Some succeed temporarily by what they do; but
Few succeed permanently by who they are.
(Source: John Maxwell)


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Counting on you to Count!

Twice a year the University is required to complete a physical inventory of all equipment and other plant assets. Each fiscal office will receive the inventory reports in early April. The completion and return of this report by the deadline is crucial to meeting the University´s federal compliance and external reporting requirements. For details see the Business Policy Manual BPM-407.

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riskyRisky Business

CRASH! Do you know what to do after an accident in a University Vehicle?

If you drive a University vehicle, download your own innovative wallet guide to print and take with you (print with the double sided option). In the stress after an accident, it's good know exactly what to do! [ read more ]

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drawingboardOn the Drawing Board!

Current University Projects in Design

The University of Missouri Health Care Orthopedics Institute

University of Missouri Health Care Orthopedics Institute

The new Orthopaedics Institute for the University of Missouri Health Care (UMHC) is planned for the corner of Monk and Stadium Drive in Columbia. Construction of the Institute should be completed by December 2009.

The Orthopaedics Institute will provide new clinical, surgical, and patient care spaces to alleviate the shortage of existing facilities in the University Hospital. The Institute has been designed as an easily accessible patient destination while providing efficient clinical and surgical service areas.

[ read more ]

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newsNews & Updates

arrowOffice of the Controller

New Director of Financial Reporting and Taxation

Sharron Walker In March, Sharron Walker joined the Office of Controller as the Director of Financial Reporting & Taxation. Sharron began her career at the Missouri State Auditor´s office, and then worked in state audit offices in Oregon and Arizona before returning to Missouri. Much of her career has emphasized education finance and accountability, with her most recent experience in creating the Division of School Audits in Arizona. As a CPA and a Certified Fraud Examiner, Sharron´s varied background includes financial accounting, information systems, fraud investigations, and performance audits, which emphasize the efficient, economical, and effective use of resources.

Sharron will be working with the accounting offices across the system to produce the University´s consolidated Annual Financial Report, as well as other internal and external reporting requirements including the detailed financial reports for each business unit. In addition, Sharron is responsible for meeting other audit requirements that occur throughout the year, including audits of the campus radio stations and NCAA agreed-upon procedures.

Please join us in welcoming Sharron to our team!

New Director of Financial Compliance Training!

Ericka Kranitz Ericka F. Kranitz recently joined the Office of the Controller team in January from North Carolina State University in Raleigh. Ericka was the Director of Internal Audit for the University and also an adjunct instructor in both the departments of Accounting and Public Administration. Arriving at the University of Missouri was a bit of a homecoming as she has both her bachelor and master in accounting degrees from UMKC. Her professional experience (Chiquita Brands International in Cincinnati, and at Hoescht Marion Rousell and Ernst & Young, LLP in KC) has focused on best practices for internal auditing and accounting education.

Ericka´s job is to provide an overview of the current financial compliance status on all four campuses and system, and collaborate and partner with each to identify, develop, and deliver effective training. Federal and State funding can depend on how well each of us comply with established guidelines - in purchasing supplies, recording payroll hours, and cash management. So to keep those grants and other monies coming in, we all need to make sure we understand and follow acceptable procedures.

Please join us in welcoming Ericka to our team!

Financial Compliance - Show Me the Money!

What does this mean?

Financial ComplianceTruly, this catch phrase is what Financial Compliance is all about. If the University doesn't follow proper policies and procedures, we don't get any more money! Financial Compliance is ensuring the University is following established guidelines, regulations, and other rules for how we receive and use resources. For example, we need to make sure we are properly accounting for and spending state and federal monies. This is challenging as these rules are not only complex, but they frequently change.
[ read more ]

arrowManagement Services

We´ve Moved!
Old Alumni Center

In January, the departments of Management Services, UM Business Services, Minority Business Development, UM Procurement, and Risk & Insurance Management moved into the Old Alumni Center at 1105 Carrie Francke Drive in Columbia. Although our physical address has changed, all other contact information is the same (telephone, fax, e-mail, etc.).

As part of the UM System space reorganization, UMC Procurement moved from this location to the Heinkel Building in November. In December, UM Procurement moved into the front offices. Then the rest of the groups joined in January from University Hall and the Hearnes Center.

The Division of Management Services encompasses 6 departments, 4 of which are now together. As caretakers of University stored files, Records Management´s location at 2910 LeMone Industrial Boulevard will not change. Facilities Planning & Development is currently occupying "swing" space until a permanent location can be found. Moving 4 of the 6 departments within the division is an innovative way to address the space crunch in Columbia for both System and Campus space - and yet remain consistent in our service to our customer base.

arrowMinority Business Development

Outstanding Contribution to the State of Missouri
First Lady Awards

The inaugural 2008 First Lady Awards were presented on March 4, 2008 by First Lady Melanie Blunt in honor of Missouri women who are making history. Our own Dr. Jacqueline Kelly, the Director of Minority Business Development, was nominated in two of the five categories: Business & Innovation and Education.

President Forsee sent his personal congratulations to Dr. Kelly in a letter which states in part: "Your hard work speaks to the enthusiasm and dedication you apply to your job, and your efforts do not go unnoticed. Please accept my personal thanks and admiration for a job well done."

All of us also heartily congratulate Dr. Kelly on this marvelous recognition and thank her for being such a fine ambassador for Finance & Administration and the University as a whole.

arrowProcurement Services

$2 million already saved thru Show-Me Shop!!
Show-Me Shop

With over 600 University staff now trained to use the UM eProcurement system "Show-Me Shop" and the number of orders placed increasing at an average of 40% each month, the University has seen a product cost savings of over $2 million so far! This is real money saved by departments as a result of the ePro program.

Cost savings are not the only benefit to the eProcurement program. [ read more ]

Hat's off iconarrowHats Off!

Hats Off Award Winners!

The HATS OFF AWARD is the recognition from F & A to those who have made an Exceptional Customer Service Contribution to the University of Missouri, specifically in the facilitation F & A objectives. We thank the following people for doing their jobs … and then some! [ read about the winners ]

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Focus On: Answer

Oak Hall
UMSL Oak Hall

Opening in 2006, this residence hall is on the South Campus and houses 285 of the 1,030 students on the UMSL campus.

Residence halls are an integral part of the campus community, but needs of today's students have changed. In Oak Hall, the 4 bedroom suits allow most students to have their own private bedroom. Additional amenities of the building include a heated outdoor pool, Oak Café, laundry facilities, game room, and much more! Also inside the common areas of Oak Hall, students have access to resources such as Health Services, counseling Services, and the Student solution Center. In the fall of 2007, themed living communities and "freshmen only" floors were introduced, brining innovation to a consistent feature of campus life.

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