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Nikki Krawitz
Vice President Krawitz

Service is the highlight of this quarter’s InFocus newsletter. We value service by demonstrating a willingness to go out of our way, to help our customers, give prompt personal attention, and resolve problems quickly.  We strive to meet and exceed expectation with each customer interaction.

  • Spotlight on Procurement Services - Get a better look at the department that is all about Customer Service.  P-Cards, tracking inventory, ePro, RFPs – all of these are ways in which Procurement Services brings quality products and services at low cost to the University. Learn more about this office within Finance & Administration.
  • Account-Ability - "Segregation of Duties" - Achieving internal control with limited staffing can be difficult but it is doable (and University policy).  Training for you and your coworkers on this vital function is being provided on each campus – read more!
  • Risky Business - Does your department have a University Vehicle?  With over 2 million miles driven in official University vehicles, the department of Risk & Insurance Management wants to make sure your vehicles are covered with the correct insurance services.
  • On the Drawing Board - UMKC – New Student Union – With more than double the number of students on campus, the 1959 student union was just outgrown. Check out the design concept!
  • Compliance Corner
    • Check out the new Financial Compliance Training Web Site! If you are involved with Sponsored Programs and research grants awarded to the university, this new site provides information on compliance with federal rules and regulations.
    • F & A or F&A? We are Finance & Administration, abbreviated as F & A.  But the indirect or overhead costs associated with sponsored programs are called Facilities and Administrative costs – abbreviated F&A.  Learn more about why these are important to your sponsored program operations! What is F&A?
  • Hats Off - To University employees who have given exceptional customer service that assists Finance & Administration achieve our goals. Check out those award winners!

The goal of the newsletter is to enhance our customer service by providing information that will support the work that you do for the university.  As always, we welcome your feedback and your contributions.

- Natalie "Nikki" Krawitz
  Vice President for Finance & Administration


Procurement Services
Bill Cooper
Nikki Krawitz and Bill Cooper hold the "13th Annual Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award" presented to UM Procurement Services by the National Purchasing Institute

UM Procurement manages the purchasing operations for all campuses within the University of Missouri System, including: Columbia, Kansas City, Rolla and St. Louis. Bill Cooper currently leads this team as the Chief Procurement Officer as well as the Associate Vice President of Management Services. His purchasing staff is here to make sure requests for goods and services meet quality bidding standards, while encouraging the diverse use of Missouri and MBE/WBE suppliers with whom we strive to develop business relationships.  The department aims to provide exceptional customer service while initiating contracts that bring quality products and services at low cost to departments.  Procurement continually analyzes the spending trends of the University to remain proactive in developing campus and system-wide contracts.

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Segregation of duties


Do any of your staff perform more than one key accounting function?

The University recently implemented a policy about segregating the duties of key accounting functions: authorizing, recording, verifying and managerial review in financial transactions. The policy spells out the optimal scenario where an individual performs only one of these key accounting functions. Then there is the less than optimal office where someone may need to perform more than one of these functions. So, how do you provide strong internal controls with less than optimal segregation of duties?  Training is offered that will give you several solutions to help you implement good segregation of duties and strong controls. 

Please contact your Accounting office for the next available training offered.

Does your PI authorize for EVERY transaction?

Often a PI needs to have someone authorize transactions in their absence and may delegate them to authorize transactions on their behalf.   What are the requirements for the delegate?  What documentation is required?  Training is available that explains these requirements. 

Please contact your Sponsored Programs office for the next available training.

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riskyRisky Business

Insurance service for more than 1,300 university vehicles driving more than 2 million miles per year

Car accidentDoes your department have a vehicle? Is it insured?

Each campus has a designated individual to complete the titling and licensing process and to assist you with answering this question.

These folks will schedule your vehicle with Risk & Insurance Management so your vehicle is covered in case of an accident.

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On the Drawing BoardOn the Drawing Board!

Current university projects in design

UMKC – New Student Union

Drawing board

The University of Missouri-Kansas City’s New Student Union will replace the existing student union which with a new 108,300 s.f. facility. Located on the corner of Cherry and 51st streets, the New Student Union is along the University Way pedestrian walk and close to the expanding residential campus.

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Compliance CornerCompliance Corner

Financial Compliance Training: New Web Site

Web siteTo improve our compliance with federal regulations, the University has initiated a compliance training program focusing on Sponsored Programs and the implementation of new policies.

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F & A or F&A?

SmileWe are Finance & Administration, abbreviated as F & A. But the indirect or overhead costs associated with sponsored programs are called Facilities and Administrative costs – abbreviated F&A. Learn more about why these are important to your sponsored program operations!

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newsNews & Updates

arrowOffice of the Controller

Segregation of duties – new policies coming soon!

Segregation of dutiesThe Controller’s Office has issued two new policies related to Segregation of Duties. Both are effective October 1, 2008.

  1. Segregation of Duties (APM 2.25.55) – Outlines the proper segregation of duties for financial accounting transactions.
  2. Segregation of Duties – Sponsored Programs (APM – Outlines the proper segregation of duties to meet the compliance requirements for sponsored programs and when a delegation of authority is necessary.

Training sessions for the above are currently being offered on all 4 campuses. Please contact the Ericka F. Kranitz, the Director of Financial Compliance Training at kranitze@umsystem.edu for information. PowerPoint slides of these presentations are available on the Financial Compliance Web site. Click on the links on the left of the screen: Training, Prior Presentations.

arrowProcurement Services

Show-Me Shop Vendor Showcase

Segregation of dutiesProcurement Services hosted another successful Vendor Fair!  The Show-Me Shop Showcase was held at each campus the week of September 29th.  It featured 19 vendors in the Show-Me Shop marketplace who currently have contracts or who will be added soon.  The number of vendor catalogs continues to grow as we expand this exciting project.  At the showcase we also introduced our new mascot, Sally Shopper.  Link to our website at www.umsystem.edu/showmeshop and watch Sally take a ride through the virtual marketplace in our e-pro commercial.  Thank you, to all of our customers that took the time to meet our Show-Me Shop vendors and who stopped by the Procurement booth to talk to us about the program expansion and your personal experiences.  It is through communication and feedback that we can continue to support our customers the best way possible.

ExacTrac payments for Show-Me Shop orders

ePro catalog purchase orders will begin using a new payment method on October 6th, called ExacTrac. This payment option uses a virtual credit card number that the vendor will receive when orders are placed for catalog items purchased through the ePro Show-Me Shop. Cards are set with a 0% tolerance to allow the vendor to charge up to the amount of the purchase order and no more. This will insure vendors are not charging more than the contracted price set in the Show-Me Shop marketplace. Invoice/voucher processing by Accounts Payable will no longer be necessary!

We will begin utilizing this option with Fisher Scientific. The remaining ePro catalog vendors will be added after a few weeks of piloting with Fisher. We should have all ePro vendors added to this process by the end of calendar year 2008. Notifications will be added to the Show-Me Shop as each vendor is added. Catalog orders sent to vendors before they have been added to this process will continue to be paid through the traditional invoice/voucher method.

For more details on ExacTrac, including how the charges will appear on your income statement, visit the Procurement Show-Me Shop Web site at: http://www.umsystem.edu/showmeshop.

New director of Procurement Services

Stephen MackPlease welcome Stephen “Steve” Mack to our division as he has been appointed director, Procurement Services-UM System.

Steve brings impeccable credentials being widely recognized as one the top procurement professionals in higher education today. During his twenty-six year career in higher-ed, Steve has served as Director of Procurement and Contracting Services at the University of Arizona and Director of Procurement Services at the University of Oklahoma.

Steve fully shares our vision of procurement as a strategically essential and highly valued partner, supporting the University’s core missions of teaching, research, community engagement, and economic development through exceptional client service and innovative and cost effective program solutions.

Steve will officially begin work October 20, initially taking up temporary residence until his wife Rosita and high school sophomore son Ty can join him later. Reporting to Chief Procurement Officer Bill Cooper, Steve will provide direction to the four campus Procurement Services Managers as well as the System Commodity Specialists. The new Procurement Services organization chart may be viewed at http://www.umsystem.edu/ums/fa/management/procurement.


arrowRecords Management

Campus initiates training for managing records

Records managementRecords are an important University asset and like our physical, financial, and human assets, they must be appropriately managed to maintain their value. One campus takes managing this asset seriously. Missouri S&T recently required a representative from each department to attend a Records Management training session. Provost Warren K. Wray requested that either an administrative assistant, chair and/or department head attend one of the three training sessions organized and coordinated by Diana L. Ahmad and Melody Lloyd from the campus Archives office.

[ read more ]

arrowRisk & Insurance Management

UM assistant director appointed to executive committee of URMIA

At last month’s annual meeting for University Risk Management & Insurance Association (URMIA), Assistant Director JoAnne Flowers was appointed to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. JoAnne’s service to this national organization will allow her to share the expertise from the University of Missouri with other Higher Education institutions and promote the advancement and application of effective risk management practices. Please join us in congratulating JoAnne in this exciting new role!

arrowHats Off!

Hats Off Award winners!

Hats offThe HATS OFF AWARD is the recognition from F & A to those who have made an Exceptional Customer Service Contribution to the University of Missouri, specifically in the facilitation F & A objectives. We thank the following people for doing their jobs … and then some!

[ read about the winners ]

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Focus On: Answer

UMKC Epperson House

Epperson HouseThis Tudor-style mansion houses UMKC's Architectural Studies program. Donated to the University of Kansas City (UKC) in 1942, the once-private residence was used as a dorm for male dental students, the School of Education and the Conservatory.

Believed to have ghosts, Epperson House was featured on "Unsolved Mysteries" as one of the top five haunted houses in the country. The building was completed in 1923 and has many secret passageways.

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