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Nikki Krawitz
Vice President Krawitz

In these challenging financial times, higher education will play a vital role in the resolution of today’s issues.  As the division responsible for the fiscal health of the University, we highlight our values of Honesty, Trust, and Integrity in this quarter’s InFocus newsletter.  We draw upon these values to cultivate our professional relationships in a way that is authentic and open, and guided by the highest ethical and legal standards.  In this way, we support the teaching, research, service, and economic development of the University for the state of Missouri.

  • Spotlight on the Fiscal Misconduct Reporting Line - To report concerns involving fraud or fiscal misconduct, the University has a Toll Free number as well as an on-line form to submit issues for investigation.
  • Account-Ability - New Mileage Reimbursement Rates – Make sure you are reimbursed for the correct mileage rate in 2009!
  • Risky Business - What do you do when you’ve got property damage after an accident?  You can trust the UM Risk & Insurance Management team to get you up and going again.  Learn who to call and what to do if you’re faced with such a disaster!
  • On the Drawing Board - “MU – Regional Biocontainment Laboratory” – One of only 13 facilities in the United States, this new building will be front stage in developing drugs, treatments and vaccines to combat microorganisms such as the West Nile virus.  Check out the design concept!
  • Compliance Corner - Are you doing everything you can to reduce operational, functional, and compliance risk to the University? Training is available to help you.  Whether it’s Segregation of Duties for payroll and financial transactions or Sponsored Programs topics like effort reporting and cost transfers, check out the article on how to get your training today!
  • Hats Off - To University employees who have given Exceptional Customer Service that assists Finance & Administration achieve our goals.  Check out those award winners!

The goal of the newsletter is to enhance our customer service by providing information that will support the work that you do for the university.  As always, we welcome your feedback and your contributions.

- Natalie "Nikki" Krawitz
  Vice President for Finance & Administration


Financial Misconduct Reporting Line

The University of Missouri values honesty, integrity, ethical conduct and compliance with laws, regulations and policies.

A Fiscal Misconduct Reporting Line was established in December 2007 for individuals to report fraud or fiscal misconduct so that appropriate action could be taken to resolve the issue. The reporting line is both web- and telephone-based to provide both avenues to provide reports, and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Featuring Challenging and Inspiring Thoughts

Honesty is "Pint-Sized and Principled"

During a little league game, umpire Laura Benson called a runner out for getting tagged at first base. But then Tanner Mumsey, age seven, ran over to Benson and told her that he hadn’t actually tagged the runner. Benson called the runner safe. And for being honest, Tanner’s coach awarded him with the game ball.

A few weeks later, Benson umpired another game that involved Tanner’s team. During a similar play, Benson called a runner safe whom she thought Tanner had failed to tag.

Tanner looked at Benson and without complaint threw the ball to his pitcher. But Benson could sense that something wasn’t quite right and asked Tanner if he’d tagged the runner. When he told her that he had, Benson reversed her call.

The coach from the opposing team began to argue with Benson. But she explained to him what had happened weeks earlier and told him that she trusted the youngster because he was an honest kid.

When in doubt remember that honest actions and a reputation for integrity will always work in your favor. End of story.

Adapted from “Growing the Distance”, Jim Clemmer, TCG Press

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On the Road Again!

Make sure you are reimbursed for the correct mileage rate in 2009 for business miles driven.  Effective January 1, 2009, the University moved to the State of Missouri’s practice of reimbursement for business miles driven at a rate three cents less than the IRS standard mileage rate.  Accordingly, effective January 1, 2009 the University’s maximum mileage reimbursement rate for business miles driven is now 52 cents per mile, three cents less than the IRS standard mileage rate of 55 cents per mile.  The IRS mileage rate represents an average rate to be used nationwide, while the rate used by the State of Missouri is more in line with costs in the Midwest region of the country. 

In addition, the maximum rate for moving expenses is now 21 cents per mile, three cents less than the IRS rate of 24 cents per mile.

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riskyRisky Business

Our department had $5,000 worth of equipment damaged due to a water leak! Is it insured?
How do I file a claim?

Yes – it is insured!  The good news is that routine office equipment and business personal property (contents) is covered.

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On the Drawing BoardOn the Drawing Board!

Current University Projects in Design

MU – Regional Biocontainment Laboratory

The University of Missouri-Columbia College of Veterinary Medicine's new Regional Biocontainment Laboratory (RBL) will play a critical part of our nation's biodefense effort. This new facility is located on MU’s East Campus, just south of the National Swine Research & Resource Center.

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Compliance CornerCompliance Corner

Financial Compliance Training Available

If your job is to authorize, record, or verify transactions, or administer sponsored programs, then you are front-line in protecting the University’s financial resources.

You can help protect the University’s financial resources by attending one of the training sessions currently available for the following topics:

  • Segregation of Duties – APM 2.25.55:  New accounting policy!
  • Segregation of Duties – APM  New accounting policy specifically for Sponsored Programs!
  • Allowability of Costs Charged to Sponsored Programs:  Overview of fiscal compliance requirements related to federal awards.
  • Effort Reporting – APM 60.32:  Fiscal compliance requirements related to Effort Verification Reports and the University’s accounting policy.
  • Cost Transfers:  Fiscal compliance requirements related to the transfer of costs between funding sources.  Focus is on the transfer between sponsored programs.

Please contact Ericka F. Kranitz, the Director of Financial Compliance Training at kranitze@umsystem.edu for information on these sessions.

Reference Guide for Sponsored Programs

Now available!

This is a pocket guide summarizing the requirements for sponsored programs and is a resource for Principal Investigators and research administrators. 

An electronic version of each campus guide is posted on the Financial Compliance Training website under “Other Resources – Sponsored Programs.”  Contact your sponsored programs office for printed copies of this new guide!

Effort Reporting

It’s that time of year again! Not another holiday…it’s time to certify your effort!

What:Effort Verification Reports (EVR’s) for the six-month period ending December 31, 2008.
Who:Anyone who has expended any effort on a sponsored program or contract between July 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008
Why:Required when the University accepts federal funding for sponsored awards.
When:Effort reports will be produced on Friday, February 6, 2009, and are due back to the campus sponsored programs offices on or before Monday, March 9, 2009.
How:Effort reports will be distributed through the campus sponsored programs offices to departments.


If you have further questions, please contact your campus sponsored programs office or Joe Sanning at sanningj@umsystem.edu or (573) 882-6435.

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newsNews & Updates

arrowOffice of the Controller

PeopleSoft Finance Upgrade

The upgrade of PeopleSoft Finance from version 8.8 to 9.0 was completed during the week of November 24th and users were live on the new version December 1st when they returned from the Thanksgiving holiday.  Everyone was given a few extra days to complete their November transactions and the month of November was closed on December 5th, one day later than usual.

As with any upgrade, there have been a few minor issues with functionality that have been identified and subsequently resolved.  Also, some outages of the PS Financial Reports were experienced as performance enhancements were being identified and put in place.  Any problems relating to the upgrade will continue to be addressed as they occur and will be top priority in the coming months.

The Division of IT training site has valuable information, tutorials and training guides to assist you in learning how to use PeopleSoft Finance 9.0.at this link https://doit.missouri.edu/training/enterprise.html.

A big THANK YOU is extended to those on the campuses who assisted with testing, training, and documentation for the upgrade.  Your participation was critical in making this upgrade successful.  Also, a special thanks to the UM System upgrade team who has spent the past 11 months working to ensure a smooth transition to the new version.  The long hours and hard work have paid off as the University has successfully made the conversion to using PeopleSoft Finance 9.0.

Where is my 2008 Form W-2?

The University will mail your Form W-2 on or before January 31, 2009. If you have not received your W-2 by February 14, 2009, please notify your campus Payroll Office to receive a duplicate copy.

Although too late to change for this mailing, you can always logon to myHR, Employee Self Service, to verify or change your address information in Personal Information Summary.

2008 Form W-2 – What is your name?

When you receive your W-2 for calendar year 2008, please check your social security number and spelling of your name to your social security card for accuracy.  If different, notify your campus Payroll Office for a W-2 correction.


arrowProcurement Services

And the Winner is ...

Bill Cooper accepts CACUBO award.University of Missouri System Procurement has been awarded the 2008 CACUBO RBC Capital Markets Best Practices Award by the Central Association of College and University Business Officers (CACUBO).  Bill Cooper, Associate Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, Management Services, accepted this award on behalf of UM Procurement at the CACUBO Annual Meeting in October.  His department’s winning submission, University of Missouri Gets Strategic about Procurement, showcased the University’s efforts to improve campus purchasing by consolidating operations under uniform leadership and policies, reducing costs, and creating a more service-oriented system that would address the needs of campus users.  A $1,000 honorarium was also received and Mr. Cooper presented his winning proposal at CACUBO’s Annual Meeting in Ft. Lauderdale on October 14.


arrowMinority Business Development

And the Award Goes to ...

Dr. KellyDr. Jacqueline Kelly, Director, Minority Business Development, was presented the St. Louis Minority Business Council’s 2008 “Chairman’s Award of Excellence.”  The award recognizes exceptional performance in the development of effective internal programs that present business opportunities for minority contractors and suppliers.

For 10 years, Dr. Kelly has led the MBD Program, working closely with Procurement and Design and Construction at each campus, ensuring that Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs) are included in the pool of suppliers, contractors and consultants eligible to do business with the University, and whose products and services the University uses.


arrowOffice of the Treasurer


Shirley DejarnetteAfter 18 years of service to the University of Missouri, Shirley DeJarnette left the University on December 31st to pursue other interests.

Shirley had provided leadership in cash management, investment management including the endowment and retirement trust funds, and debt management.  Under her leadership, the university diversified its investment portfolios thereby reducing volatility without sacrificing return and consolidated the system’s debt resulting in higher credit ratings, greater debt capacity, and lower costs.

A search for a new Treasurer has been initiated.  The staff in the Treasurer’s office will continue to work with you to address questions or needs in this area.


Hats Off!

Hats Off Award winners!

Hats offThe HATS OFF AWARD is the recognition from F & A to those who have made an Exceptional Customer Service Contribution to the University of Missouri, specifically in the facilitation F & A objectives. We thank the following people for doing their jobs … and then some!

[ read about the winners ]

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Focus On: Answer

MU Laws Observatory

MU Laws ObservatoryThe MU Laws Observatory is currently located on the roof of the Physics Building on the MU campus and is open to the public on clear Wednesday evenings from 8pm-10pm.  Public telescope viewing is sponsored by the MU Department of Physics & Astronomy with the Central Missouri Astronomical Association (CMAA) in collaboration with NASA’s Missouri Space Grant Consortium.

MU Laws ObservatoryThis was not the original location of the Observatory.  In 1853, the University of Missouri Observatory was built on the site that is now Lafferre Hall and was the first observatory in the western United States.  In 1880, the scope was traded for a better one, but due to last-minute budget constraints, University President Laws spent $2,000 of his own money to move and assist in the construction of the new observatory on the site which is now Neff Hall.  In 1920, the growth of trees around Neff Hall made it unusable for research, so the observatory was moved to what is currently the west parking lot of the Harry S Truman Veterans Hospital.  The observatory fell into disrepair until 1954 when the CMAA restored it, rebuilding the telescope with an aluminum tube.  In 1966, the Physics Building was opened with a new telescope installed in a rooftop dome with much thanks to Professor Lou Holroyd who received NASA funding, engaging the observatory as part of the Goddard Earth Observing System (GEOS) tracking Station Camera Site program.

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