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Vice President Krawitz

Finance and Administration strives continuously to achieve a high degree of Client Confidence and Trust.  Confidence and Trust comes from our ability to make and keep promises and perform to expectations.  We can do this through effective problem solving, functional expertise, service tailored to customer needs, and reliable and timely delivery.

  • Spotlight on UM Business Services – As the focal point for a variety of University business matters (from contracts and real estate documents to alcohol/music/FCC licensing and the Business Policy Manual), this department of Management Services assists the four campuses, hospital, research parks, and other University offices to ensure the University’s best interests are upheld.
  • Account-Ability“Time & Labor” – Soon each University employee will report their time as a Time Reporter through the new PeopleSoft Time & Labor system.  Read more about this new payroll process!
  • Risky Business“International Travel” – With more and more business travel taking us outside of the United States, the Office of Risk & Insurance Management has you covered!  Not just with insurance, but with safety tips, what to pack, and more …
  • On the Drawing BoardS&T – Toomey Hall” – Changes in technology require world-class teaching and research facilities that not only meet today's needs, but also anticipate tomorrow's challenges.  The renovation and expansion of the MAE complex will allow students and faculty to build upon Missouri S&T's proud tradition of scientific achievement and educational advancement.  Check out the design concept!
  • Compliance Corner
    • “Stimulus Act (or the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009)” – Along with the positive impact this will have on University of Missouri come the reporting responsibilities to keep the funds.  Read how the Office of the Controller is making sure these requirements are met.
    • “Effort Verification Reports are due!” – For those employees who operate with sponsored award funds, it’s time to submit your EVRs for the January thru June 2009 time period.
    • “New Training – coming soon!” – Attention departmental Administrators, Fiscal Officers, Research Administrators, and Principal Investigators!  If you do fund accounting or cost sharing, these training sessions available this fall might be just what you’re looking for!
  • Hats Off - To University employees who have given Exceptional Customer Service that assists Finance & Administration achieve our goals. Check out our award winner!

The goal of the newsletter is to enhance our customer service by providing information that will support the work that you do for the university.  As always, we welcome your feedback and your contributions.

- Natalie "Nikki" Krawitz
  Vice President for Finance & Administration


Mary Sapp, Director of UM Business ServicesUM Business Services

By Tanya Haeussler, Coordinator for UM Business Services

On a daily basis, each of the four campuses, the hospital, the research parks, and the system offices engage in a wide variety of business functions with internal departments as well as external entities. UM Business Services serves as a focal point for collaboration among these groups to bring accurate and timely assistance and advice that adds value to these University business activities.  Director, Mary Sapp and Coordinator, Tanya Haeussler, have gained the confidence and trust of internal and external stakeholders in their combined 47 years of University service.  By having the perspective of seeing the University as a whole and not just the departmental needs, their advice is often far-reaching and “outside the box”, making sure the deal is in the best interest of the University.

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Featuring Challenging and Inspiring Thoughts

Contributed by Memoree Bradley, Secretary to the VP for F & A

“The leaders who work most effectively, it seems to me, never say "I." And that's not because they have trained themselves not to say "I." They don't think "I." They think "we"; they think "team." They understand their job to be to make the team function. They accept responsibility and don't sidestep it, but "we" gets the credit. This is what creates trust, what enables you to get the task done.”

Peter Drucker

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Time & Labor

By Brian Sanders. Director of Payroll

Time ReportingThe University of Missouri is preparing for the full implementation of Time and Labor.

The University of Missouri has been developing Time & Labor (T&L), a PeopleSoft module, since 2007.  The lengthy development of T&L is due to the critical level of accuracy and dependability required to streamline payroll data collection and management through the University of Missouri, including all four campuses, UMHC and System.

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riskyRisky Business

International Travel brought about by University business.International Travel

By JoAnne Flowers, Assistant Director of Risk & Insurance Management

Perhaps Disney has it right, “It’s a small world after all” as not only are Study Abroad programs growing by leaps and bounds, but other areas of University business are prompting more international travel than ever.  With this in mind, Risk & Insurance Management has secured services and resources for Faculty and Staff traveling internationally on behalf of the University.

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On the Drawing BoardOn the Drawing BoardOn the Drawing Board!

Current University Projects in Design

S&T - Toomey Hall

By David Sheahen, Director for Facilities Planning & Development

Construction on the $28 million Toomey Hall at the Missouri University of Science and Technology is nearing completion.  The project renovates and modernizes the existing Mechanical Engineering Building, replaces the ME Annex with a new 80,500 s.f. addition, and joins the two with a three-story atrium which will house the Product Innovation and Creativity Center (PICC).

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Compliance CornerCompliance Corner

ARRA Funds - Strings Attached!

By Joe Sanning, Assistant Controller for the Office of the Controller

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), also known as the stimulus act, will have a major positive impact on University of Missouri research funding this year.  Along with the additional funding, there are extensive reporting requirements.

[ read more ]

Effort Verification Reports

By Joe Sanning, Assistant Controller for the Office of the Controller

It’s that time again!

All employees who have expended effort on a sponsored award between January 1, 2009 and June 30, 2009 must complete an Effort Verification Report (EVR).

[ read more ]

Financial Compliance Training – Coming soon!

By Ericka Kranitz, Director of Financial Compliance Training

There will be new Financial Compliance Training options this fall, including topics such as Fund Accounting for Governmental Organizations and Cost Sharing for Sponsored Programs.

[ read more ]

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newsNews & Updates

Office of the Controller

TRIP (Travel Reimbursement Implementation Project)

By Donna Johanning, Director of Financial Information Systems AND Bobbi Walker, Financial Systems Principal

The Travel Reimbursement Implementation Project (TRIP) has begun with a project continuation meeting held on June 25th.  Team members met to review objectives, responsibilities, timelines, and strategies for the project. 

Completion of TRIP will result in all University employee travel expense reimbursement processes migrating to the PeopleSoft 9.0 Expenses module.  The benefits of this project include: enhancing reporting capabilities for travel related expenses, enhancing travel reimbursements by efficiently taking advantage of opportunities provided by an internet software solution, and streamlining the review, approval and payment process of creating travel reimbursements. 

More information will be available in the near future and each campus will be communicating roll out plans and training opportunities as they are developed.  You can view project documents and follow the team’s progress at the following web site: TRIP website.


Facilities Planing & Development has moved to the MU General Services BuildingFacilities Planning & Development

We’ve Moved!

By Dave Sheahen, Director for Facilities Planning & Development

Facilities Planning and Development is settling into their new digs within in the MU General Services Building.  All telephone numbers have stayed the same, and their official campus mail address is 130 GSB, Columbia.


Minority Business Development

Telephone DirectoryCentralized eDirectory of M/WBE Businesses

By Laura Roth, Administrative Assistant for Procurement Services

Departments are encouraged to include small businesses, particularly Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs) among their suppliers.  A centralized online eDirectory of certified M/WBEs has been created to facilitate departmental users in their search for M/WBE’s.  This new eDirectory collapsed the databases from the State of Missouri, St. Louis Airport Authority and the City of Kansas City, Missouri.

The link to the Minority Business Development eDirectory can be found at: www.umsystem.edu/minbusdev.  Contact Jacqueline Hall Kelly, Director of Minority Business Development, or her assistant, Laura Roth, with questions about this database or the program.


Procurement Services

UMKC Office Supply Swap MeetFREECYCLING – UMKC Office Supply Swap Meet

By Cathy Barker, Manager of UMKC Procurement Services

FREECYCLNG, the practice of exchanging unneeded office supplies was the premise for the UMKC’s Office Supply Swap Meet, which was held April 21, 2009.  The events purpose was aimed at saving costs and curbing waste.

Employees from different offices brought supplies no longer used, or had an excess quantity of.  These items were placed on tables, and staff shopped around for items they needed that other departments brought in.  The UMKC Bookstore donated the plastic bags for shoppers to use.

The event was a success, with over 12 departments bringing items in and over 30 individuals coming by to just shop for needed supplies.  With more planning time, many individuals indicated they had more supplies to share, resulting in the next event scheduled for July 28, 2009 from 9-11 am in the Plaza Room at the Administrative Center, 5115 Oak Street.


UM Procurement Services receives an award from the National Association of Educational ProcurementAnother Award for UM Procurement Services

By Bill Cooper, C.P.M., Associate Vice President for Management Services & Chief Procurement Officer

Once again UM Procurement Services has received national peer recognition of its professional excellence, by winning the National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP) 2009 “Award of Excellence in Procurement.” 

Established in 1920, NAEP is the oldest and largest professional organization in higher- education procurement with a current membership of over 1,500 colleges and universities across the country.  NAEP’s vision is “the advancement of excellence in the purchasing profession serving higher education and associated communities.”  Receiving NAEP’s highest award firmly establishes UM Procurement Services as a “best practices” organization, the first step in achieving our goal of becoming “the very best there is in higher education.”


UM/UMHC Procurement Services - a model of shared servicesUM/UMHC Procurement Services– A Model of “Shared Services”

By Bill Cooper, C.P.M., Associate Vice President for Management Services & Chief Procurement Officer

Effective July 1, 2009, the University Procurement Services and University Hospital Sourcing and Supply Chain functions became one organization.  As a result of this integration and the synergies it affords, the University of Missouri, as an enterprise, will achieve greatly increased supply chain processing efficiency and effectiveness as well as the economies of scale resulting from joint commodity and services contracting.  Governed by a Memorandum of Understanding which details performance benchmarks and cost reduction expectations in return for operational funding, this arrangement surpasses functional centralization and truly models a “shared services” approach.  The fifty-one new system employees, led by Director Tony Hall, will become members of the Management Services Division (MSD) reporting to AVP Bill Cooper.  The following link takes you to MSD’s new organization chart: Management Services Organization Chart.


Supply Chain PLUS

Supply Chain PLUS

By Bill Cooper, C.P.M., Associate Vice President for Management Services & Chief Procurement Officer

Even prior to the formal integration of the UM System and Hospital procurement functions, heightened teamwork was becoming the order of the day for University of Missouri supply chain functions.  At the recommendation of UM System IT, late last year an Oracle Insight Supply Chain review was conducted resulting in a UMHC and UM System Procurement cooperative endeavor to execute a major PeopleSoft project that will significantly enhance the efficiency of both hospital and campus supply chains.

A formal project team was developed in March with a goal of replacing the current system (Procure) at UMHC with PeopleSoft eProcurement, Purchasing, and Inventory applications.  After implementation of these core modules on the hospital side, we will install Strategic Sourcing software which will support both sides of the house.  The ultimate result of this endeavor will be greater efficiency and effectiveness; faster access to data, significantly lower processing costs, inventory costs, as well as further purchase price reductions.  

The Project has been dubbed “Supply Chain PLUS” through a contest held between the project team members.  This winning project name was submitted by Tim Robertson, UMHC MMIS Support Specialist and was chosen from more than 50 entries.  This project has a very aggressive schedule and to that end there is no grass growing under the feet of the Supply Chain PLUS project team (located in Quarterdeck 162B).  That cross-functional team has already completed their first milestone (on time and on schedule); documenting current processes.  The next step for the project team includes development of the future process design and then a final project charter.  The charter will include the final timeline, major milestones, key communication pieces and a “go-live” date.  In the future phases of this project, many of you will be invited to preview the system that will be designed before testing, training and “go-live”.  Stay tuned for future updates!

“The key benefits associated with this undertaking can be summed up in one word: PLUS, which ironically is incorporated into the winning project name.  This name neatly outlines the focus and key benefits of the project which is Patient Care, Lower Costs, User Empowerment and Strategic Management.”
-- Tony Hall, Director, Sourcing and Supply Chain, UMHC


Formulating improvements for Records Management
Records Management

FORMulating an Improvement – Transmittal of Records to University Records Center

By John Larkin, Records Analyst for Records Management

In many staff meetings at Records Management, we had discussed improvements to the UM 34 form – Transmittal of Records to the University Records Center.  The form was adequate but showing its age.  It needed to be transformed into an electronic document for easy access and easy storage.  It needed to be more user-friendly while remaining familiar to our 500 customer departments.  And, the chronologically gifted among us (you know who you are) desperately needed a form that did not require filling out on an antique IBM Selectric (youngsters, try Googling “Selectric” and “carbon paper”. You’ll be amazed at how primitive life was in the 60s and 70s).

Our director, Cyndie Parks, has had forms design as one of her many tasks for nearly 20 years.  She worked her magic with some suggestions from staff.  Customers have said that they really appreciate the “help balloons” Cyndie tucked neatly into the data entry boxes.  My favorite feature is the link to the detailed Completion Instructions.  We finished the form and Beta testing in early 2006 and started receiving electronic transmittals right away.

It became clear that the form had consequences we had not foreseen.  For one, we no longer had to interpret handwritings that ranged fromSpenceriantoHieroglyphics(hieroglyphics).  There’s a lot to be said for Times Roman.  Another advantage was the complete lack of carbon paper for us and our customers to deal with.

Now that we analysts can look at the transmittal and correct any errors or omissions before the boxes even leave the originating office, our customers are learning about Records Management policy and procedures, and we have reduced the number of unknown or questionable boxes in storage.

The forms are completed on your computer, copies are sent via email to us and another happy customer is born.  All that remains to make the electronic UM 34 a complete success is for everyone to use it.  Try it, you’ll like it.  Then tell your associates to try it.

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Hats Off award winnersarrowFinance & Administration

Hats Off Award Winners

The HATS OFF AWARD is the recognition from F & A to those who have made an Exceptional Customer Service Contribution to the University of Missouri, specifically in the facilitation F & A objectives. We thank the following people for doing their jobs … and then some! [ read about the winners ]

Each of us is vital to the success of the University. When you see someone making an Exceptional Contribution, let them know - you just might make their day!

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Focus On: Answer

UMKC Royall Hall, home of the Warkoczewski Observatory

The UMKC Warkoczewski Observatory is located on the roof of Royall Hall.  The observatory is named for the late Stanley Warkoczewski, a retired sound engineer who, along with his wife, Helen, spent 10 years constructing the telescope in his basement before donating it to the school.  A member of the University’s Physics Department, he often gave lectures on astronomy and taught many students how to build their own telescopes.  Stan died in 1997 at the age of 91. 

UMKC Royall Hall, home of the Warkoczewski Observatory.The Warkoczewski Observatory is open on most clear Friday evenings at dusk for viewing of the moon, planets, bright star clusters and nebulae.  The 16” telescope is operated by the Astronomical Society of Kansas City.  The very high light pollution level in downtown Kansas City puts some practical limits on viewing dim objects like galaxies, but on very clear nights, the staff is able to pull out Deep Sky objects (outside our solar system) such as the Ring Nebula (M57) in Lyra and the Great Hercules Star Cluster (M13). 

This year is the International Year of Astronomy as it marks the 400th anniversary of the first astronomical observation through a telescope by Galileo Galilei.  This is a global celebration of astronomy and its contributions to society and culture, with a strong emphasis on education, public engagement and the involvement of young people.  As one of the oldest fundamental sciences, Astronomy continues to make a profound impact on our culture.   

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