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Overview and highlights of November election results

On Nov. 2, Missouri Republicans increased their House and Senate majorities and made significant gains in statewide offices. It is the first time since the 1920s that the Republicans have controlled the Governor's mansion and both legislative bodies in the state.

Statewide Offices

Republicans gained the Governor, Lt. Governor and Treasurer seats, while Democrats picked up the Secretary of State seat. Offices of the Auditor and the Attorney General stay with the Democrats.

Peter Kinder, Robin Carnahan, Sarah Steelman, Claire McCaskill and Jay Nixon all have attended the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Senate Races

Republicans won 11 of 17 seats up for election, and now hold a 23-11 lead over the Democrats, picking up three additional seats. (Sarah Steelman will vacate her seat and a special election will be called to fill it.)

Incumbents winning re-election include John Loudon (R-7), Mike Gibbons (R-15), Chuck Gross (R-23), Maida Coleman (D-5), Victor Callahan (D-11), and Harry Kennedy (D-1).

New senators elected include Jason Crowell (R-27), Larry Gene Taylor (R-29), Chris Koster (R-31), Chuck Purgason (R-33), Kevin Engler (R-3), Luann Ridgeway (R-17), Chuck Graham (D-19), Bill Stouffer (R-21), Rob Mayer (R-25), Yvonne Wilson (D-9), and Tim Green (D-13).

The University of Missouri now has 18 alumni in the Senate.

House Races

Republicans picked up eight seats, leading to a 97-66 majority over the Democrats.

Incumbents who lost re-election bids included Tom Green (D-15), Mike Sager (D-48), Larry Morris (R-138), and Gary Kelly (D-36).

Republicans picked up Democratic seats in the following eight districts: 15th, St. Charles, where Tom Green lost to Sally Faith; 24th, Boone County (previously held by Chuck Graham), which went to Ed Robb; 33rd, Gladstone (previously held by Phil Willoughby), which went to Jerry Nolte; 36th, Richmond, where Gary Kelly lost to Bob Nance; 48th, Lee's Summit, where Mike Sager lost to Will Kraus; 122nd, Odessa (D.J. Davis's old seat), which went to Mike McGhee; 147th, Summersville (previously held by Mark Hampton), which went to Don Wells; and 148th, Waynesville (previously held by Bill Ransdall), which went to David Day.

The only seat Republicans lost to Democrats was in the 138th district, Springfield, where Sara Lampe defeated Republican incumbent Larry Morris.

There are now at least 40 University of Missouri alumni in the House.


The Senate Republicans elected the following leaders last week: president pro-tem, Mike Gibbons (R-15); majority floor leader, Charlie Shields (R-34); assistant majority floor leader, Gary Nodler (R-32); majority whip, David Klindt (R-12); caucus chairman, Jon Dolan (R-2); and caucus secretary Delbert Scott (R-28).

Democrats selected Maida Coleman (D-5) as minority leader, Chuck Graham (D-19) as assistant minority leader, Pat Dougherty (D-4) as caucus chairman, and Yvonne Wilson (D-9) as caucus secretary.

House Republicans selected Rod Jetton (R-156) as speaker; Carl Bearden (R-16) as speaker pro-tem; Tom Dempsey (R-18) as majority floor leader; Jack Goodman (R-132) as assistant majority floor leader; Brian Nieves (R-98) as majority whip; Bob Dixon (R-140) as caucus chairman; and Marilyn Ruestman (R-131) as caucus secretary.

Democrats picked Jeff Harris (D-23) as minority leader; Paul LeVota (D-52) as assistant minority leader; Connie Johnson (D-61) as whip; Robin Wright Jones (D-63) as caucus chairwoman; Dan Bishop (D-38) as caucus vice chairman; and Terry Young (D-49) as caucus secretary.

All leadership appointments are subject to formal approval when both chambers convene in January.

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