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UM Legislative Update Newsletter

January 7, 2005

The Senate has announced committee appointments. Below are the Appropriations, Education, and Aging, Families, Mental and Public Health Committees and the University of Missouri alumni who serve on them:

Aging, Families, Mental and Public Health Committee:

• Norma Champion, 30th, Chair

• Matt Bartle, 8th, Vice-Chair (UM-Columbia)

• Dan Clemens, 20th (UM-Columbia)

• Jon Dolan, 2nd (UM-Columbia)

• Bill Stouffer, 21st (UM-Columbia)

• Larry Taylor, 29th

• Pat Dougherty, 4th

• Harry Kennedy, 1st (UM-St. Louis)

• Charles Wheeler, 10th (UM-Kansas City)

Appropriations Committee:

• Chuck Gross, 23rd, Chair (UM-Columbia)

• Gary Nodler, 32nd, Vice-Chair (UM-Columbia)

• Norma Champion, 30th

• Rob Mayer, 25th (UM-Kansas City)

• Chuck Purgason, 33rd

• Luann Ridgeway, 17th (UM-Kansas City)

• Pat Dougherty, 4th

• Joan Bray, 24th

• Yvonne Wilson, 9th (UM-Kansas City)

Education Committee:

• Gary Nodler, 32nd, Chair (UM-Columbia)

• Norma Champion, 30th, Vice-Chair

• Kevin Engler, 3rd

• John Loudon, 7th (UM-Columbia)

• Rob Mayer, 25th (UM-Kansas City)

• Charlie Shields, 34th (UM-Columbia)

• Rita Days, 14th

• Chuck Graham, 19th

• Yvonne Wilson, 9th (UM-Kansas City)

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