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UM Legislative Update Newsletter

January 28, 2005

Name change measures advance in Senate

On the two bills involving Southwest Missouri State University, the Committee adopted the measures on 7-3 votes with the three Democrats on the panel (Chuck Graham, D-Columbia; Rita Days, D-St. Louis; and Yvonne Wilson, D-Kansas City) voting against passage. SB29 is a stand-alone proposal to change SMSU to Missouri State University and SB98 combines all of the name changes above into an omnibus bill.

The bills that do not include SMSU were adopted as "consent" bills, which will place them on the Senate consent calendar for quicker consideration as non-controversial measures. SB25 and SB98 will move through the traditional floor debate process and could be taken up as early as next week. Sen. Graham has made clear his intentions to filibuster should the SMSU measures come to the floor.

Similar name change measures have been introduced in the House, but the bills were just forwarded to the new House Higher Education Committee the end of this week. It is possible that a hearing on the name change bills will occur next Tuesday in that Committee. The bills include HB285 regarding SMSU and the other institutions, and HB29 regarding only Missouri Western State College.

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