Government Relations

UM Legislative Update Newsletter

January 28, 2005

House Higher Education Committee holds organizational meeting

Kingery said he was pleased to lead the Committee "because in the tight budget years it seems higher education has been lost in the shuffle and somewhat neglected" in the Capitol. "We want to help the institutions, and we want to help the students."

Several Committee members also have connections with the University of Missouri: Rep. Beth Low (D-Kansas City) is a UM-Columbia alum; Rep. Sue Schoemehl (D-St. Louis) has a daughter attending the MBA program at UM-Columbia; Rep. Esther Haywood (D-St. Louis) represents the district where the UM-St. Louis campus is located; and Rep. Scott Rupp (R-St. Charles) is a UM-Columbia graduate.

Commissioner Fitch, who began his duties in Missouri Jan. 1, told the Committee he wanted to focus on a four-point "social compact" for higher education with lawmakers and the state that involved reaffirming the role of the Coordinating Board for Higher Education, improving access to higher education, harnessing the "brain trust" that exists in Missouri higher education to help the state solve major challenges, and strengthening higher education’s role as part of Missouri’s economic engine.

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