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UM Legislative Update Newsletter

February 11, 2005

Legislators form University of Missouri House Caucus

University of Missouri Caucus Vice Chairs Rep. Ed Robb and Rep. Clint Zweifel

The first UM Caucus was organized two years ago by Rep. Jeff Harris (D-Columbia), who will continue to serve as honorary chair. The group has provided an audience for UM President Elson S. Floyd and other key University leaders and supporters who gather to hear about the University's priorities and higher education issues.

"It is a great opportunity to bring a group with a common bond together to hear about what is happening at the University of Missouri," Guest said. "I think it is significant that we have all four campuses represented in the leadership and in the membership."

The group includes graduates or alumni of one of the four campuses, legislators who have children or grandchildren attending one of the campuses, legislators whose districts include part of a campus, and those who are generally supportive and interested in getting involved.

The Caucus plans a meeting in early March to hear from President Floyd and to discuss various legislative issues, including the budget. Some 20 senators also will be invited, although they are not official members of the House Caucus.

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