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UM Legislative Update Newsletter

February 25, 2005

Profile: Rep. Clint Zweifel, Vice Chair of the UM Caucus

As an undergraduate Zweifel enjoyed extracurricular activities at UM-St. Louis, including working at the campus student newspaper, The Current, and serving as the vice president of student government. “These activities provided me with friendships and experiences that enriched my university experience,” he said. “I also appreciated interacting with such excellent faculty members. Many of my faculty members were leaders in their respective fields. Their leadership and commitment to students helped guide my career and academic decisions.”

“We must communicate our message. I believe we must take that message directly to citizens who benefit from the role UM plays in their lives,” Zweifel said.

Such career decisions led Zweifel back to UM-St. Louis to continue his education. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in political science, he returned to UM-St. Louis to pursue a master’s of business administration degree.

“As a graduate student, I chose to come back to the University because of the value, quality and networking opportunities it provided,” Zweifel said. “My experiences at the University have been the foundation of my professional and personal successes.”

Zweifel was first elected to the House in 2002 to represent District 78, part of North St. Louis County. He is a lifelong resident of his District and lives in Hazelwood with his wife, Janice. The Zweifels are foster parents.

In his first term, Zweifel served as an Executive Board member of the 2003 freshmen class -- the largest new group of legislators in a hundred years due to term limits. In addition to his legislative duties, he serves on the Multi-State Tax Commission and is a member of the Florissant Chamber of Commerce and North County, Inc.

Today Zweifel notes the most important policy issue facing the University of Missouri is the budget and planning. “We need to continually communicate to Missourians and legislators on what funding the state’s public research institution means to Missouri’s economy,” he said. “Investment in UM means economic progress for Missouri. We need a long-term commitment.”

As vice chair of the UM Caucus, Zweifel wants to further develop the University’s relationships with leaders in the business community. “Strengthening these relationships benefits the University, a business community that depends upon educated workers and a student body that desires opportunities that a first rate education provides,” he said.

Another goal for the Caucus is to “continually educate other policy makers on what UM does for Missouri. Each campus serves a unique role in Missouri.”

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