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UM Legislative Update Newsletter

March 4 , 2005

Ed Robb Profile

Robb is the former director of UM-Columbia’s State and Regional Fiscal Studies Unit and director of the Economic Policy and Analysis Research Center (EPARC), a diversified service bureau providing support to the business community, local, state and federal agencies, and the University of Missouri.

Robb’s dream job was made even more enjoyable by working with talented students. His favorite memory from his time spent on the Columbia campus is “the students – especially the very bright ones.”

Robb holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Bradley University as well as a master’s degree and a doctorate in economics, both from Michigan State University. In addition to his legislative duties, he is president of Edward H. Robb and Associates, an economic and governmental consulting firm based in Columbia. Robb also serves as a member of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce. He lives in Columbia with his wife, Rosa. The couple has five children.

He was elected to the House of Representatives in 2004 to represent District 24, part of Boone County. He serves on the Ways and Means, Appropriations – Education, Budget, and Elementary and Secondary Education Committees, and also is a member of the Joint Committee on Education and the Special Committee on Education Funding.

Today Robb notes the most important policy issue facing the University of Missouri is increasing the level of state funding for teaching and research.

As a vice chair of the UM Caucus, Robb wants to promote the goals and mission of the University and increase the awareness of the importance of its research on jobs and investment.

“K-12 education now commands the limelight. After these issues are settled, higher education must receive the focus,” Robb said. “A great education does not end with high school. We will need to stress the importance to all Missourians the stake they have in adequately funding our colleges and universities.”

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