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UM Legislative Update Newsletter

April 1, 2005

Budget process continues

Rep. Lager's version also identifies a $1.9 million addition for the Dental School at UM-Kansas City and an identical reduction in the University's core budget. Leading Budget Committee legislators have assured the University that this is in error, and their intent was to truly increase funding for the Dental School to help prepare the state for a dentist shortage.

Rep. Lager's version contains flat funding for the University Hospital and Clinics in Columbia, the Missouri Rehabilitation Center in Mt. Vernon, and MOBIUS, a statewide library program. While the funding level for MOREnet is below last year's level, this version doses reflect the $680,000 added by the House Education Appropriations Committee.

One additional budget issue arose this week. Several legislators questioned whether the role of the State Historical Society of Missouri, founded in 1898 and funded by the state since 1901, might duplicate the responsibilities of the State Archives. The State Archives, established in 1965, is responsible for retaining all state-produced historical documents with management responsibility assigned to the Secretary of State. The Historical Society has a statutory duty including collecting books, maps, documents, manuscripts, portraits and "all information" useful for the study of the history of Missouri. Funding for the Historical Society has been removed in Rep. Lager's version until the issue can be resolved.

Another step in the budget process will happen when the Committee begins a phase commonly referred to as "mark-up" early next week. The Committee's work will likely finish next week, and approval by the full House of Representatives would probably occur by the end of the following week.

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