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UM Legislative Update Newsletter

April 29 , 2005

Education lawmakers hear from Midwest Higher Education Compact president

Threlkeld’s fondest memory from his student days at the University of Missouri-Kansas City is the pride of graduation day – and realizing that all of the student loan debt was worthwhile.

A primary care physician, Threlkeld established an internal medicine practice in Lake St. Louis, Missouri following his graduation from UMKC. He continues to practice medicine every week at a Motherhouse retirement convent in St. Charles County.

Threlkeld was first elected to the Missouri House of Representatives in 2002 to represent District 109, part of Franklin and St. Charles counties. He serves as a member of the Transportation, Agriculture Policy and Health Care Policy Committees.

In addition to his legislative duties, Threlkeld is a member of the Missouri State Medical Association, Washington Area Chamber of Commerce, New Melle Chamber of Commerce, and the Missouri Farm Bureau.

Threlkeld notes that the University of Missouri plays an important role in economic development in the state. “Given the world economy, higher education is becoming more critical every year in terms of our ability to compete with other countries,” he said. “Along with a first-class transportation structure, higher education is critical to competing in this world economy.”

Higher education institutions in Missouri must draw the best and the brightest and keep them in Missouri, including after graduation, he notes. “The most important part of the University of Missouri’s mission is to teach students how to think and to apply what they’re learning to real life experiences,” Threlkeld said.

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