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UM Legislative Update Newsletter

June 29, 2005

Profile: Rep. Bryan Pratt

Pratt was first elected to the Missouri House of Representatives in 2002 to represent part of Jackson and Lafayette counties, District 55.

For Pratt, attending MU was an easy choice. “I am a Missourian – so Mizzou was the only school I ever looked at,” he said. “I knew that was where I was going to go.”

As a student at MU, Pratt recalls the “greatest thing I took away was the friendships and bonds with professors and other students. Many of those same people I met then I continue to have as friends now.”

Three law professors particularly stand out as the most memorable to Pratt: Dean Ken Dean, who taught him that hard work really pays off; Dean Bob Bailey, who taught him the art of compromise; and Professor Bill Henning, whom Pratt describes as a genius.

The University of Missouri left a significant impact not only on Pratt, but also on those who live and work in his district. “It is amazing the number of constituents I have who either attended the University or work there,” he said.

According to Pratt, the greatest challenge the University faces today is funding. “We have to make higher education affordable to the citizens,” he said. “We must work to ensure that higher education is properly funded and among the best in the country.”

Despite tough budget times, the University is doing a great job and is “just top flight,” Pratt said.

“The future of our state depends on higher education as an economic engine,” he said. “On the one hand, it employs many of our citizens. On the other hand, it prepares our work force. It is a great employer and a great producer of educated citizens.”

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