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September 15, 2005

Missouri Government Review Commission to begin voting

The Missouri Government Review Commission met in Columbia on Thursday, Sept. 15 to resolve outstanding issues and to begin voting on proposals submitted to the full Commission by its individual working groups, including one that has been studying ways to streamline education. Among the proposals applicable to higher education is the creation of a cabinet-level position of Secretary of Education, appointed by the governor and having the authority to recommend a higher education budget to the governor. The commission also proposes changing the makeup of the Coordinating Board of Higher Education, which currently is made up of lay members. The newly constituted Coordinating Board would include two representatives from the University of Missouri; two from other four-year institutions; one from a private institution; two from community colleges; and two lay citizens.

Other proposals include the recommendation of a study of the desirability of bringing all state retirement and health care programs, including those of higher education institutions, under one new agency to be located in the Office of Administration.

The commission also proposes to establish a series of Interdepartmental Coordination Councils (ICC) designed to cut across bureaucratic silos in state government. One ICC would be led by higher education and address Life-Long Learning. Another ICC would be led by the Department of Economic Development and focus on Job Creation and Economic Development. Higher education would have one representative on this panel. A third ICC would focus on Rural Affairs and include one representative from University of Missouri Extension.

The approved items will go into a draft report before being finalized. The commission will likely finish its work this fall.

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