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UM Legislative Update Newsletter

October 12, 2005

Missouri Government Review Commission votes on higher education proposals

The Missouri Government Review Commission met Thursday, Sept. 22 to vote on proposals to be included in the Commission’s report to the governor. Among the proposals approved by the commission include the creation of a cabinet level Secretary of Higher Education and a cabinet level Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education. Both positions would be appointed by the governor and would have authority to recommend annual budgets for their respective departments, including, for higher education, the level of state appropriations to all public institutions of higher education in Missouri.

A third proposal changes the make-up of the nine member Coordinating Board for Higher Education to include the University of Missouri president; one chancellor from a campus of the University of Missouri System; two presidents from the other public four-year colleges and universities; two presidents from the public community colleges; one president from the state’s independent colleges and universities; and two lay citizens. The proposal was amended to provide for no more than two members to come from any one congressional district, and approved as amended.

The commission rejected by a vote of 13-4 a fourth proposal that the chancellors of the University of Missouri System should be selected by and report to the University of Missouri Board of Curators. A new proposal to “explore ways that the UM System can be more responsive to individual campuses within the UM System” was approved by a vote of 17-0.

The commission unanimously approved a fifth proposal that the University of Missouri Board of Curators should reaffirm the efforts of private support organizations for each campus and encourage them to do independent fundraising to support the endowment and initiatives of the local campuses they support.

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