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January 13, 2006

Governor recommends 2 percent budget increase for UM

Gov. Matt Blunt has recommended the University of Missouri receive a 2 percent core budget increase, or approximately $8 million, for a Fiscal Year 2007 total appropriation of $410.5 million. University of Missouri President Elson S. Floyd called the recommendation “very good news for Missouri public higher education. We deeply appreciate Governor Blunt’s ongoing commitment to higher education,” Floyd said. “We in turn will continue our commitment to providing the best and most affordable education possible for Missouri’s students.”

In his State of the State address on Wednesday, Jan. 11, Gov. Blunt said that “learning does not begin in kindergarten nor does it end after high school.” He said the $17 million increase for state college and universities provides the “resources they need to improve quality and hold back tuition increases.”

The governor also recommended that all University of Missouri Related Programs, such as the University Hospital, the State Historical Society and MOREnet, receive the same funding for next year as they received this year.

In the weeks before the governor’s announcement, there was much speculation as to how Missouri higher education might fare with the present state economy. Last week, the governor and House and Senate leaders agreed on a consensus revenue estimate for FY07, indicating projected growth of 4.5 percent in state general revenue. This estimate means the state will have approximately $319 million more to spend in FY07.

The University of Missouri appropriation is a part of HB3, which contains funding for all higher education institutions and programs in the state. The bill will have hearings in the House in the next few weeks before receiving final House approval in mid-March. Senate changes in the bill will be considered by a conference committee in late April or the first few days of May. The final bill must be approved again by both the House and Senate and submitted to the governor by May 5, 2006. 

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