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UM Legislative Update Newsletter

January 20, 2006

Senator encourages collaboration among higher education and other departments

A bill that requires collaboration between the Department of Higher Education, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and Department of Economic Development to provide focus and direction to the state’s educational system was presented this week before the Senate Education Committee. SB580, sponsored by Sen. Charlie Shields (R-St. Joseph), would help provide a more seamless transition from pre-kindergarten through graduate school at the state’s higher education institutions.

“Recently there have been some discussions about putting all of these groups together into a super education committee, but in the end many of us felt that is probably not what we want to do,” Shields said. “This bill proposes that at least twice a year these individuals meet to discuss efforts surrounding the coordination of education and workforce development and report back to the Office of Administration and legislators about goals and how they are being met.”

Representatives from the Departments of Higher Education, Elementary and Secondary Education, and Economic Development all testified in support of the measure.

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