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UM Legislative Update Newsletter

January 20, 2006

Bill to provide scholarships for transfer students considered by Senate Education Committee

Students who complete an associate’s degree at a public two-year institution and transfer to a public four-year institution would be eligible for a new scholarship under legislation considered Tuesday, Jan. 17 by the Senate Education Committee. SB654, introduced by Sen. Gary Nodler (R-Joplin), would establish an associate degree transfer incentive scholarship program to encourage students to continue their education at public four-year institutions.

The bill only authorizes the program and does not include a request for funding. Once in place, the program would distribute the funds directly to the four-year institution on a pro-rata basis and includes a six-year sunset. Currently about 8,400 students receive associate’s degrees annually in Missouri, and it is estimated that about 25 percent of them consider continuing their education at the four-year institution level. Many such students transfer to one of the campuses of the University of Missouri.

Others testifying in support of the bill included Norman Myers, president of Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield; John Bardgett on behalf of the Missouri Community College Association; Dr. Kenneth Dobbins on behalf of the Council on Public Higher Education; and Megan Block with the Associated Students of the University of Missouri.

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