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January 20, 2006

Rep. Wayne Henke

Rep. Wayne Henke (D-Troy) received a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Missouri-Columbia, where his most memorable professor was Dr. Lawnick in the physical education department. “He made classes fun and taught us big-foot boys how to square dance,” Henke said.

Besides learning how to square dance and enjoying his classes, one of Henke’s favorite MU memories is of the football team winning games almost every Saturday under Coach Dan Devine.

After graduating from MU, Henke coached sports and taught high school for ten years. He also is a retired farmer who owned and operated farms in Lincoln and Monroe counties.

Today the University continues to impact Henke, who is serving his second term representing part of Lincoln County (District 11) in the Missouri House of Representatives.

“The University of Missouri provides an in-state education at a competitive price,” he said. “The Extension Center also is very important to my district.”

In the House, Henke serves on the Transportation and Appropriations/Agriculture and Natural Resources Committees.

Henke previously served as Lincoln County Assessor and as a member of the Silex R-I School Board. Among other honors, Henke earned a spot on the Winfield R-IV Wall of Fame and in the St. Charles County Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame. He has served as chairman of the Lincoln County Fair Board and the Lincoln County Memorial Hospital Advisory Board, and is a member of the Farm Bureau and Knights of Columbus.

According to Henke, the mission of the University is to provide the best education possible to all students regardless of their economic standing. “Higher education will provide us with the people to fill the high tech jobs of the future,” Henke said.

The University of Missouri also contributes to the state’s economic development, he notes. “All education is important economically,” Henke said,” as it provides jobs and services that the students want and need.”

The greatest challenge facing Missouri higher education today is securing the necessary funding to be competitive with other institutions, Henke said.

Note: Rep. Henke is running against Rep. Scott Rupp in a special election for the Missouri Senate, District 2, to be held April 4, 2006. The Senate vacancy was created by the resignation of Sen. Jon Dolan

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