Government Relations

UM Legislative Update Newsletter

April 7, 2006

Election overview

Rep. Scott Rupp (R-St. Charles), a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, won a special state senate election Tuesday, April 4 by defeating Rep. Wayne Henke (D-Troy) with 53.7 percent of the vote. Henke, who also is an MU graduate, plans to face off against Rupp again in November’s general election for the same seat. Once election results are certified and he is sworn in, Rupp will move to the upper chamber to replace former Sen. John Dolan, who retired earlier in the year. Candidate filing for other elections closed on Tuesday, March 28; a complete candidate list can be found on the Secretary of State’s website.

Missouri State Senate:

Senators in even-numbered districts are up for election this fall. Four current senators have decided not to run for re-election, either due to term limits or other reasons. They are Pat Dougherty, D-St. Louis; John Cauthorn, R-Mexico; David Klindt, R-Bethany; and Charlie Wheeler, D-Kansas City. Three senators have no opponents – Rita Days, D-St. Louis; Gary Nodler, R-Joplin; and Delbert Scott, R-Lowry City. Incumbents who face opposition this fall include: Carl Vogel, R-Jefferson City; Matt Bartle, R-Lee’s Summit; Frank Barnitz, D-Lake Spring; Dan Clemens, R-Springfield; Bill Alter, R-High Ridge; Joan Bray, D-St. Louis; John Griesheimer, R-Washington; Norma Champion, R-Springfield; and Charlie Shields, R-St. Joseph. Senator-elect Scott Rupp, R-St. Charles, also will face his same opponent this fall.

Missouri House of Representatives:

Voters will go to the polls for all 163 House districts. Incumbents who are ending their House tenure this year include: Bob Behnen, R-Kirksville; Brad Lager, R-Maryville; Wes Shoemyer, D-Clarence; Wayne Henke, D-Troy; Sherman Parker, R-St. Charles; Scott Rupp, R-St. Charles; Susan Phillips, R-Kansas City; Sharon Sanders Brooks, D-Kansas City; Melba Curls, D-Kansas City; Cathy Jolly, D-Kansas City; Bob Johnson, R-Lee’s Summit; Yaphett El-Amin, D-St. Louis; Amber Boykins, D-St. Louis; Tom George, D-St. Louis; Barbara Fraser, D-St. Louis; Jack Jackson, R-Wildwood; Rick Johnson, D-High Ridge; Wes Wagner, D-DeSoto; Harold Selby, D-Cedar Hill; Mark Wright, R-Springfield; Brad Roark, R-Springfield; Peter Myers, R-Sikeston; Lanie Black, R-Charleston; and Otto Bean, R-Holcomb. Many of the legislators are seeking senate or other offices. Refer to the full candidate list for details.