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UM Legislative Update Newsletter

August 18, 2006

Board approves FY08 operating & capital appropriations requests

The University of Missouri Board of Curators approved the Fiscal Year 2008 operating and capital appropriations requests at its July 21 meeting in Kansas City. The total operating request for FY08 is $474 million, a $61 million increase from the FY07 core budget. The appropriations request for operations includes four main categories: the core operating budget, increases to the core budget, new initiatives, and other curator program requests. The FY07 core operating budget is $413 million. The state capital appropriations request of approximately $304 million for FY08, with rehabilitation and new construction projects at each campus, also was approved by the board.

Core budget increases include the costs of continuing operations, approximately $30 million. This includes a 4 percent salary and wage pool increase and a 5.2 percent total increase in staff benefits. The request also includes 1.5 percent for maintenance and repair of facilities and 4 percent for equipment and other expenses, which includes unavoidable cost increases in areas such as utilities, insurance, fuel and technology costs.

The University is requesting $4.7 million to offset the cost of operating new and renovated buildings that will open next year, including the Health Sciences Building at UMKC and the Clinical Support and Education Building at MU, as well as additional new buildings and renovations at MU.

Funds also will be requested for three new initiatives:

The request for UM Health Care includes core appropriations for the University Hospitals, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center and the Missouri Rehabilitation Center, as well as $1.3 million for the cost to continue.

Other curator programs, state programs administered by the University, with funding requests include MOREnet, the Institute of Mental Health, the Missouri Kidney Program and the State Historical Society.

Requests also will be made for the Seminary Fund, Alzheimer’s Research Fund and the Spinal Cord Injury Research Fund.

State capital appropriations request FY08

Total: $304,975,000