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April 27, 2007

Rep. Tim Flook

As the General Assembly considers ways to improve higher education in Missouri, Rep. Tim Flook (R-Liberty), a UMKC alum, feels it is important that Missouri position itself to compete not only with other states but also other nations. “Our greatest challenge is for this state to admit that change is necessary in our universities if we are to compete,” Flook said. “The U.S. lags behind Europe and Asia in math and science scores, we produce far less engineers and scientists than in decades past and we could lose our edge on innovation and design to Europe, Asia and India.”

Tony George

The General Assembly is working this session to restore funding to the state’s higher education institutions to position the state to address these very concerns, Flook said.

“Higher education in Missouri is critical if we are going to compete in the new global economy,” Flook said. “Our ability to produce highly trained graduates who can take the lead in innovation and technology will be essential to succeed in the future.”

Specifically, Flook said the state should focus its attention on core areas that are becoming more in demand as the global economy continues to grow.

“Institutions should develop standards and curriculum that produce highly skilled graduates in all areas, including the critical areas of literacy, math, science, agriculture and engineering,” he said. 

As these programs are developed, he noted that the state cannot forget to address access issues to increase the number of Missourians who are able to be trained in these vital areas.

“Other states and nations are highly competitive in making higher education available to young people,” Flook said. “A highly educated or skilled workforce is one of the primary needs of all industries. If we succeed in providing a higher quality graduate with key skills, we in turn promote our economy.”

Flook is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law and William Jewell College, where he participated in honors study at St. Peter’s College of Oxford University.

Flook, who was first elected to the Missouri House of Representatives in 2004, is currently vice-chair of the Judiciary Committee. He also serves on the Special Committee on Job Creation and Economic Development, the Special Committee on Student Achievement and the Special Committee on Immigration Reform.

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