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UM Legislative Update Newsletter

June 29, 2007

 Curators approve FY09 operating, capital appropriations requests

The University of Missouri Board of Curators approved the fiscal year 2009 operating and capital appropriations requests at its July 27 meeting in Marceline, Mo. The University’s first priority in the FY09 request for operations is the funding of its FY08 core state appropriation of $418 million. The request also includes a total new investment plan of $88 million. The state capital appropriations request of approximately $369 million for FY09, with rehabilitation and new construction projects at each campus, also was approved by the board.

Operating request

The investments will be funded through a partnership with the state, the University and students. The request from the state for an additional $34 million includes requests for the Sustaining Quality and Competitiveness Program, which includes an annual merit increase in compensation for UM employees; competitive compensation program for faculty; and funding for technology, infrastructure and on-going costs.

In addition, the state is being asked for $30 million for the Enhancing Missouri’s Future Program, which includes an investment in endowed chairs and preparing to care for Missouri’s citizens through an enhancement of health professional education programs at MU, UMSL and UMKC. These funds would be coupled with $12.9 million from University resources, including a 1 percent internal efficiency reallocation, and $12.5 million through an inflationary increase in tuition and fees.

The University’s appropriations request for other programs includes a state investment of $9 million to support patient care through University of Missouri Health Care and $5 million to support other curator programs as they strive to provide quality to Missouri citizens. There also is a one-time request of $5.9 million in accordance with legislative requirements.

Capital appropriations request

State Request, Rehabilitation & New Construction
Campus Development Phase I      UMSL
Biological Science/Chemistry/Chemical Engineering Addition & Renov UMR
College of Engineering - Lafferre Hall Reconstruction, Addition & Renov. MU
College of Engineering - Lafferre Hall Reconstruction, Addition & Renov. MU
Core Educational Facilities Renovation - Miller Nichols Library Renovation & Interactive Learning Center Addition UMKC
UMHC Children’s Hospital Renovations Phase II UMHC
Total Tier I $173,913,000