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August 23, 2012

Steering Committee Update

This month, in lieu of a formal meeting with the steering committee, the project director, Paul Toler, provided an update to the steering committee via email. A highlight of this update was the progress made in Hyperion – Human Capital Planning (HCP).

At this point, the HCP project plan has been completed and validated and HCP is scheduled for migration to production on November 9. The recommended roll-out plan is to conduct a phased roll out that will utilize a pilot group in fiscal year ‘14 followed by full implementation in fiscal year ‘15.

The Steering Committee was also apprised of the next steps the project will be taking which include the following:

  • Deploy Hyperion – FIN and Data Warehouse budget variance reports to campuses and roll out training. The project team has asked the Steering Committee to champion this effort!
  • Focus on development of the HCP and Long Range Planning (LRP) applications and related training materials.
  • Incorporate plan for Commitment Accounting in context of Human Resource priorities.
  • Plan for COMPASS Data Warehouse.

Data Refresh Schedule

As of early September, the data within Hyperion PRD (production) will be on an automatic, daily refresh schedule. This is important for providing the most up-to-date information for Hyperion reports and eliminating the need for personnel to manually conduct all of the steps involved with the data refresh process. The data refresh schedule for all instances of Hyperion is as follows:

  • PRD (production) – daily
  • TST (test) - on demand
  • DEV (development instance) - on demand

In addition, the Data Warehouse, which supports the Cognos budget variance reports, is refreshed daily with Hyperion data.

LRP Update

Long Range Planning (LRP) is a Hyperion module used to calculate trends and create reports using past actuals and current budget year data to estimate a 3-5 year forecast by college, school, and division. As the third phase of Hyperion, LRP development is in progress and on target for migration to production in October with training to follow in early November. The initial LRP rollout will focus on a small group of fiscal officers on the Columbia and Kansas City campuses. The user audience for LRP on these campuses is much smaller than Hyperion – FIN. This should simplify the training coordination efforts. By focusing the LRP deployment to these two campuses and having a limited user audience, the COMPASS project team can concentrate more on phase two of Hyperion - Human Capital Planning.

What else is going on?

COMPASS is a large project that touches many areas within the UM System. The following is also underway by a variety of groups in support of COMPASS:

  • A “Thin App” for Hyperion was distributed to campus IT departments and installation information provided to campus budget officers. The purpose of the Thin App is to enable employees with Internet Explorer 9 (which is incompatible with Hyperion) to work within Hyperion as though they were using Internet Explorer 8 (which is fully compatible).
  • Training tips and tricks were provided to those delivering training sessions on each campus.
  • Budget officers meeting in Columbia is scheduled for September 10. This meeting will cover training progress and HCP/LRP development.

COMPASS Milestones

Each week of the COMPASS project progress steams ahead and milestones are reached. Below is a snapshot of the team’s progress on key milestones.

MilestoneFinish Date   Complete   
HCP/LRP Planning8/1/12100%
HCP Build10/16/1212%
HCP Migration to PRD   11/9/12
LRP Build9/19/1216%
LRP Migration to PRD10/12/12

For an updated look at the progress that has been made, view the project timeline.

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