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September 20, 2012

Steering Committee Update

On September 18, the COMPASS project team provided an update to the COMPASS steering committee concerning the current state of the project. The first item addressed was an updated concerning Commitment Accounting. Back in July it was determined that, in order to achieve the deliverables identified for COMPASS, the Commitment Accounting focus would shift to the Data Warehouse and the implementation of the HR Department Budget Table. The Data Warehouse is working closely with other project team members to develop the necessary reports and ensure that this approach is implemented. In addition, Human Resources Information Services will address the implementation of the HR Department Budget Table during the ePAF project which was kicked off on September 6.

Additionally, the steering committee was pleased to hear that Hyperion-LRP will migrate to production on October 12 followed by Hyperion-HCP on November 9. Praise was given to the Hyperion Core Team for their hard work with Hyperion-HCP in having smooth, successful data loads and application development. This has been a key factor in the project’s ability to stay on schedule.

The project team is careful to clarify that although the applications will migrate to production, users will not be actively engaged with the system until testing and training takes place. For an updated look at the progress that has been made, view the project timeline.

Pilot Group and User Acceptance Testing Group Forming Now

Of particular interest to the steering committee was the rollout plan for Hyperion-HCP which includes the pilot group and the user acceptance testing (UAT) group. They were informed of the Hyperion-HCP demonstration that took place with budget officers on September 10 and the plan that was developed with their input.

The following is a visual representation of the pilot group and UAT rollout plan.

Total number of training sessions taking place by month on all campuses.

COMPASS Milestones/Project Update

With so much happening at such a rapid pace, the rest of the year is shaping up to see many milestones met.

Task Name % 8/13 % 8/31 % 9/13 Planned
completion date
HCP & LRP implementation 9% 15% 18%  
HCP Build (overall) 12% 37% 48% 10/16/12
Base Loads for HCP 8% 29% 43% 9/19/12
Total FTE/Lite Webform 8% 58% 59% 9/14/12
Task List/Menu/Webform
0% 64% 64% 9/21/12
LRP Build (overall) 24% 74% 74% 9/19/12
Reporting LRP 0% 12% 20% 9/26/12
Reporting HCP 0% 1% 1% 11/15/12
Security     17% 12/31/12
Training HCP/LRP/Budget
1% 7% 7% 12/31/12

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