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Hatha Yoga Classes

Yoga has become increasingly popular in Western cultures as a means of exercise and fitness training.


Despite its “trendy” appeal, empirical research has been ongoing for several decades. Research has demonstrated that the practice of Hatha Yoga can improve strength and flexibility, and may help control such physiological variables as blood pressure, respiration and heart rate, and metabolic rate to improve overall exercise capacity. 


Therefore, people who experience musculoskeletal problems and cardiopulmonary disease could benefit from a regular practice of yoga. Recent studies conducted with cancer patients and survivors yielded improvements in sleep quality, mood, stress, cancer-related distress, cancer-related symptoms, and overall quality of life.


Studies conducted in other patient populations and healthy individuals have shown beneficial effects on psychological and somatic symptoms,as well as other aspects of physical function.


(James A. Raub. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. December 1, 2002, 8(6): 797-812.  Bower, Woolery, Sternlieb, & Garet. Cancer Control. July 2005 12(3).)


To get a little taste of yoga, try the following yoga sequences at your office or home.


Standing Yoga Sequence (23:12)

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Mindful Yoga for Stress Management Classes
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Take a Study Break: $5 Student Yoga at alleyCat 
alleyCat Community Yoga drop-in classes cost only $5 and offer students an opportunity to experience yoga at a deeply discounted price. This is our opportunity to support our community and thank you for supporting our studio.. Details and schedule available at

"Yoga is a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who you are. It is also a way of learning to be centered in action so that you always have the clearest perspective on what's happening and are therefore able to respond most appropriately."

Erich Shiffmann