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Eat for Life

Eat for Life is a 10-week program that helps participants learn to have a healthy relationship with their food and their bodies. This is not your regular weight loss program. In fact, the first thing you will be asked to do is throw out your diets and begin to learn how to use the wisdom of your body to guide how you eat, what you eat and how you relate and use your body.

Visit the Weight Management webpage for details.


  • Wednesdays, 12:15-12:45 p.m., Havener Center, Shamrock Room
    Stress-reduction meditation is offered on a drop-in basis with no pre-registration needed. Classes meet every week while classes are in session during the fall and spring, but not during finals or the summer session. Generally, you will be led through stress-reducing breathing techniques for 30 minutes. Join us around noon to get settled in, and stay for a Q&A session from 12:45 - 1:00. No experience is needed and the class is free.

Million Step Pedometer Program

The Million Step Pedometer Program is a simple walking program designed to get faculty, staff and their families up and moving. Go at your own pace--no time limit applies. You are a success if you take more steps today than you did yesterday. Rebates and prizes are available. Learn more and join the program now....

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

MBSR is designed to help change your relationship with stress and begin to live a more conscious life in order to make choices and engage in behaviors that increase your vitality, effectiveness and happiness. The eight-week program is offered at various times throughout the year, depending on your campus.

Visit the Stress Reduction webpage for details.

Physical activity

  • S&T Fitness Center is equipped with a wide array of top level cardio machines (many with touch screens and TV); free weights including dumbbells, Olympic weight bars/plates and racks; weight machines; and a core area with exercise balls and medicine balls.  The facility is air conditioned. If you would like more information, call (573) 341-4106.
  • The Centre offers classes in aquatics, group workouts and sports leagues. If you would like more information or an up-to-date listing of classes and membership fees, call (573) 341-2386.
  • The Zone offers Cheap Skate sessions on Tuesdays from 6-8 p.m. Fun, family environment with roller skating, play area, arcade and snack bar. There is a $4 fee which includes quad skate rental. For more information, call (573) 341-5700.

Ride to Wellness Odometer Program

The Ride to Wellness Odometer Program is a simple biking program designed to get faculty, staff and their family up and moving. Go at your own pace--no time limit applies. Rebates and prizes are available. Learn more and join the program now....

Support groups

Phelps County Regional Medical Center offers a variety of support groups throughout the year—Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Cancer, and many more. If you have questions about any of the groups, please call PRMRC at (573) 458-7695.

Tobacco Cessation

Phelps County Regional Medical Center offers support to its patients and members of the surrounding communities in their efforts to stop the use of tobacco in any form. You’ll receive a packet including:

  • Information and on quitting all forms of tobacco use and staying quit
  • Current updates on tobacco cessation aids such as medication, gum, patches, electric cigarettes, etc.
  • Material showing what to expect with regard to withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and how to deal with “triggers” such as boredom, anger, and stress.
  • You’ll also receive information on resources that best suit your needs.

For additional information on quitting smoking and tobacco use, please call 573-458-7691, or go to

Weight Watchers

Discounted Weight Watchers Online available to benefit-eligible faculty and staff who are enrolled in one of the university's medical insurance plans. Go to the Weight Management webpage for more information.


Taking care of ourselves during the workday helps us be more productive and have more energy for our work and our lives beyond work.  Participants learn how to balance being engaged with taking time for quick recovery techniques throughout the day in order to meet the challenges of a busy workplace.  Design your own plan for improvement and find ways of structuring your workplace to create a culture of health and wellness.   Understand and overcome the barriers to greater personal and professional success. Contact Lynn Rossy, Ph.D., Health Psychologist for Healthy for Life, for more details and to schedule a workshop for your area.