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Student Curator Public Hearing Held

ASUM Legislative Intern Abigail Thomas poses with former Student Representative to the Board, Laura Confer, following the hearing.

The House Higher Education committee held their public hearing this morning on HB1257 (sponsored by Representative Chris Kelly) and HB1587 (sponsored by Representative Zach Wyatt) to put a voting Student Curator on the UM Board of Curators.

Testimony in favor of  was heard from ASUM Legislative Intern Abigail Thomas and former Student Representative to the Board, Laura Confer. No one testified in opposition of the proposed legislation.

“As students, we are directly affected by the Board of Curators and the decisions made by its members, and I appreciate the chance to convey to you the importance of this legislation for students and their representation on campus issues.” – Abigail Thomas

The hearing had considerable interest from MO press organizations, as student tuition costs are expected to rise significantly. University of Missouri students have enjoyed a heightened level of attention following the Governor’s official proposal that 12.5% by cut from higher education in the next budget cycle.

“…students are paying 49 percent of the University of Missouri budget, while the state is responsible for 38 percent – an amount likely to decrease this year. [Abigail Thomas] said it is unfair for students as constituents not to have a voice in the decision making of the university system.”

-Youyou Zhou for the Missouri News Horizon
Read the full article online here.

To learn more about ASUM’s work on Missouri’s higher education governance issues, visit our Student Curator page.

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