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2012 Election Recap

The Associated Students of the University of Missouri

2012 Election Summary

Missouri Senate

     24 Republicans and 10 Democrats now compose the Missouri State Senate allowing for a large Republican majority. Senator Robin Wright-Jones (D)  lost her seat to former Rep. Jamilah Nasheed (D) who now serves as State Senator to State Senate District 5. Senator Jim Lemke (R) also lost his seat to former Rep. Scott Sifton (D) representating State Senate District 1. 

Missouri House

     110 Republicans and 53 Democrats now compose of the Missouri House of Representatives compared to 106 Republicans, 57 Democrats, and 1 Independent. 12 incumbents could not hold on to their seats; Rep. Long, Atkins, Taylor, McCreery, McGeoghegan, Speng, Carlson, Shively, Lasaster, Quinn, Brown, and Leach.


Statewide Office Victories

Governor: Jay Nixon (D)

Lieutenant Governor: Peter Kinder (R)

Secretary of State: Jason Kander (D)

State Auditor: Tom Schweich (R)

State Treasurer: Clint Zweifel (D)

Attorney General: Chris Koster (D)

Proposition B – Cigarette Tax for Education

The ballot initiate failed by 42,581 votes.

     50.8 % voted NO. (1,357,437 votes)

     49.2 % voted YES. (1,314,856 votes)

Boone County favored Proposition B, with 59.6% of voters approving

     Eight other counties voted in favor — Adair, Clay, Greene, Jackson, Nodaway, Platte, St. Charles and St. Louis, along with the city of St. Louis.

     Counties containing local higher ed institutions and voting against – Phelps, Jasper, Cape Girardeau, Johnson, Buchanan, Cole

2013 ASUM Legislative Platform


Budget & Appropriations 

STEM Initiative Landlord & Tenant Relations

ASUM 2012-2013 


Legislative Internship Team

Budget Team: Alexius Gandy (UMSL)Alex Magera (MU)Student Curator Team: 

Kaitlin Steen (MU)

Nicholas Charalambides (UMSL)

STEM Team: 

Rachel Jag (MU)

Dylan Hampton (Rolla)

Landlord Tenant Team: 

Jasmine Bryant (UMKC)

Benjamin Brundage (MU)



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