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ASUM Board of Directors Lobby Day

Board Members Visit Jefferson City 

On Tuesday 5th March, The Associated Students of the University of Missouri held their annual Lobby Day. The ASUM Board of Directors from all four of the University of Missouri campuses visited the State Capitol in Jefferson City to meet with representatives and senators from their respective campus’ districts.Students were able to engage with members of the House and Senate on issues that were important to them and their education. They were also able to ask representatives and senators about their opinions on the legislative platform that the current legislative intern team is lobbying for.After meeting with some of the representatives, everyone was in attendance for the start of legislative session in the House, where Representative Chris Kelly introduced the Board of Directors.

ASUM Board of Directors and Legislative Interns

We’re thankful to all of those who took the time out of their busy schedules to come to the Capitol for the day. By being there you reiterated how important investing in higher education is for not just our own future, but Missouri as a whole.

For those who do not serve on the Board of Directors, be sure to attend the Make a Stand Rally on April 11th, where you can show your support for higher education and the UM System.

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