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Higher Education Funding

Investing in Missouri

Current Budget Status 
House Bill 3, which appropriates money for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the Department of Higher Education, recently made its way to the Missouri Senate. House Budget Chairman Rick Stream’s budget includes $404 million to be appropriated to the University of Missouri System.Missouri is currently ranked 45th in the nation in terms of state government higher education funding. While student enrollment has grown by 31 percent since 2001, state appropriations per full time equivalent student have decreased by 35 percent. To account for the $472 million funding gap, the four campuses making up the UM System, Mizzou, UMKC, UMSL, and Missouri S&T, have had to raise tuition levels each year, putting a higher burden on students to fund their own education.

Higher Education Returns 

UM System President Tim Wolfe gave a presentation to an eighth grade class that included a bar graph explaining that for every dollar allocated toward higher education, a 15 percent return is offered. Also, he stated that those with a college degree earn $1.6 million over their lifetime than those without a college degree. Read the article here.

The necessity of adequate funding for Missouri higher education reaches beyond its impacts on a student. The pool for available tax revenue would open up naturally with a more educated tax base. Some form of college degree pays significantly more in taxes than without.

Make a Stand for UM System Funding

Make a Stand Rally on April 11th, where you can show your support for higher education and the UM System.

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