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Student Curator: Student Voice

75,044 Students, 1 Vote 

For over 20 years ASUM has pushed for students to have a voting representative on the 9-member Board of Curators, a student curator. Since students are the direct benefactors and beneficiaries of the UM system, we feel it is essential for all UM student voices to be heard through this voting student representative. .
In 1984, students gained a non-voting Student Representative to the Board of Curators. —The Student Representative to the Board of Curators serves a 2 year term. The position rotates to each of the four campuses.ASUM has filed legislation to afford voting rights to the Student Representative to the University of Missouri Board of Curators since 1984.Legislation supporting a voting Student Curator passed the MO House of Representatives and MO Senate in 2008, but was ultimately vetoed by the Governor.

The Board of Curators is comprised of a member from each congressional district plus an “at-large curator”, out of state students, who pay nearly double in tuition than an in-state student, are not represented by the Board of Curators. The solution to this problem is full student representation through a voting student curator.

Student Representative to the Board
The current student representative on the Board is Amy Johnson from UMKC.
The student’s role is to sit in on meetings and discuss with other Board members the position of students on the matters at hand; they however cannot currently vote on these issues.
Read more about Amy here.

Students Deserve a Voice

  • Students are now paying more the University of Missouri’s budget than the state. This means that students should be having a say in how their money is spent which affects the education they receive.
  • A student curator with a vote solidifies the students voice on the Board of Curators and allows us to have a say in the running of the UM System.
  • Electing a student curator would eliminate the current problem of a district being unfairly represented due to the at-large member, as the student would replace this curator providing the same level of representation for all districts.
  • All four UM Campuses would be fairly represented with a two year term limit on the student member which would rotate between the campuses.
  • A voting student member also bring with them a perspective of how the UM System is currently operating for the student population.
  • A voting student curator is not unprecedented, with 33 other states also having universities with a voting student curator.
Want your voice heard?

Every four years ASUM asks for student’s feedback on their legislative priorities. Click here to let your student lobbying team know what youd like to see them focus on. Want to see what ASUM is currently working on? Look here and join us April 11th on the capitol steps to “Make a Stand” for students.

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