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The Missouri State Budget

Budget Process Update

The Missouri House gave final approval Thursday to the 13 appropriations bills that make up the fiscal year 2014 state operating budget. There is still some ways to go before there is reason to celebrate.  HB 3 has been referred to the conference committee.  Once agreement is made by the conference committee(usually a compromised of differences), each reports to its own chamber on the committee’s recommendation. If both chambers approve the conference committee report, the bill is declared Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed. The bill is reprinted and the words “Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed” are printed above the bill number. If either house rejects the conference committee report, it may be returned to the same or a newly-appointed conference committee for further conferences.  HB 3 is effective on August 28, 2014.  The University of Missouri systems stands to receive $404,227,214, which is a victory for the University, given our core request of $400.3 million.

The Recent Trend in State Support

The recent trend in state support of Missouri’s public institutions has been inconsistent in the past, and while the UM system is slated to receive $3.7million more than it requested, we are careful to not to count our chickens before they hatch.  There has been a precipitous decline in appropriations to the University of Missouri system, according to an independent study.

The same study shows an increase in the consumer price index (CPI) while the University has faced a decline of 10.4% in support.  It communicates the decline in support and the increase in the consumer price index. The overarching point is that the University of Missouri system schools are cautiously optimistic about the FY 2014 allocation, due to the “feast or famine” shifts in state support over these years.  Several issues may cause more uncertainty in the University’s budget, issues such as performance funding, limited capacity to increase tuition and fees, and pressures to reduce costs and increase productivity.

The Budget Bills

Senate Committee Substitute for House Committee Substitute for HB3

Perfected House Committee Substitute for HB3

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