Voting Student Curator

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Currently, the Board of Curators for the University of Missouri is made up of 9 voting members and a 10th, nonvoting student representative. The curators are appointed by the Governor to preside over the decision making of the historically majority state funded institution. However, the state of Missouri currently only provides 35.9% of the University of Missouri’s operating budget. Students are left to pay over 50% of the UM System’s operating budget. A proposed voting student member on the Board of Curators would ensure that the student interests would be represented, as they are providing over one-half of the funding for the University Missouri System.

A nonvoting student member was added to the UM Board of Curators in 1984. In 1999, the student member was allowed attendance in closed-door meetings held by the board. In 2008, legislation passed through the Missouri General Assembly that afforded the student member a vote on the board. However, this legislation was vetoed by the Governor and never enacted.

The Board of Curators historically had 9 members, one for each Missouri Congressional district. As a result of the 2010 federal census, the state of Missouri lost one Congressional district. However, the Board of Curators still has 9 voting members, causing over representation of one Congressional district.

Student representatives to the Board of Curators undergo a rigorous application process. The selection rotates between the four UM campuses, with one two-year term for each student selected. The UM System presents the top three candidates to the Missouri Governor, and he or she makes the final appointment to the board.

Affording the student member of the Board of Curators voting ability would solve the problem of over representation from one Missouri Congressional district, as well as allow the student population to have a voice in UM System matters, as they now provide well over 50% of funding for the UM operating budget. Thirty-nine other states have universities with a voting student member; it is time for Missouri to finally give the students a real voice.


  • Currently, we have a Student Representative on the Board of Curators that does not have a vote
  • ASUM advocates for a full-voting rights Student Curator that would rotate between the four campuses every two years
  • A Student Curator eliminates the need of the “at-large” member on the board
  • Allows for representation for out-of-state and international students
  • Will not be allowed to vote on the hiring or firing of personnel