About Dr. Rossy

Lynn Rossy, Ph.D., has been teaching and researching mindfulness-based interventions targeting stress, pain, cancer, depression, and eating since 1999. She has trained extensively at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare, and Society in Worcester, MA. She received her doctorate and was trained as a health psychologist at the University of Missouri. She founded the Mindfulness Practice Center on the University of Missouri campus in 2002—an innovative program that offers mindfulness classes, workshops, and presentations to students, faculty and staff.

She is a member of the teacher’s collective at a center for insight meditation in Columbia, MO. In 2008 she completed a 2-1/2 year meditation training program through Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California. She is a certified yoga instructor through Kripalu Yoga Center and often teaches yoga at Alley Cat Yoga Center in Columbia, MO.

Lynn has a passion for her work that is motivated by her desire for people to discover more fulfilling, meaningful, and joyful lives. She incorporates and combines a variety of Western and Eastern philosophies and teachings in her work.

The Blog
Tasting Mindfulness was created to be a support for people hoping to have a different relationship with their food, their bodies, their minds, and ultimately their lives. It grew out of a ten week program entitled “Eat for Life” that was developed by Dr. Lynn Rossy and Hannah Bush, M.A. and is offered to faculty and staff at the University of Missouri. The philosophy is holistic and comprehensive–incorporating mindfulness, the intuitive wisdom of the body and mind, and educational components that support our efforts to be more healthy and conscious about our actions and behaviors. Enjoy!

Healthy for Life
Healthy for Life, the T. E. Atkins Wellness Program, serves the employees and retirees of the University of Missouri System and their families, as well as the community. Its mission is to support the university’s teaching, research, service and economic development missions by aligning university health care resources to foster a vibrant, healthy climate in which university faculty, staff, retirees and students thrive and flourish. For more information go to the Healthy for Life website.

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  2. I hope this salute with his experience of inspiration for me, thanks for sharing

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  6. Dr Rossy: …nice work on the blog and web site. Nice work all around.

  7. That was indeed a wonderful story! I read something the same within a technology blog.
    Definitely worth going through.

  8. Dr Rossy,
    You have dream job.. of course so do I. You have pedigree training, very impressive ! I currently work as and training Behavioral Health Consultants to provide services in Primary Care. I started Mindfulness practice in 1974 while training to be a volunteer for drug crisis center in Carbondale, Ill. Was turned onto the terminology in 1995 when exposed to Dialectical Behavior Therapy, later practiced more intensively with DBT consultation Team in the last several years,I stopped DBT in 2012. Have been close to Thomas Merton, Kabat- Zinn, Ram Dass for years. //Currently I find myself teaching some variant of Mindfulness to patients/colleagues daily as practical application for them being effective in reaching their goals. Particularly interested in different ways to present non-judgmental stance micro, macro, and meta.//Also am considering and would like feedback about developing outline for Community College class in Mindfulness. Namaste ,

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