UM system establishes social media presence

SocialEarly this year, the University of Missouri System introduced profiles on popular social media Web sites Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Users of these sites can now become “fans” of the system, receive news updates related to the system or watch short videos about people, places and programs across the system.

“This represents an inexpensive and efficient way for us to reach students, staff, faculty, citizens and journalists with news from around the four campuses,” said Michael P. Hill, Web coordinator for UM system strategic communications.

UM system’s Facebook page is updated several times a day with system-related news and events and currently has more than 40 “fans,” including alumni, employees, students and friends of the university. Facebook is a social networking site that allows its more than 200 million users to connect with friends, companies and organizations around the world. Readers who do not have a Facebook account can register for a free account here.

UM system is also on Twitter, a site that allows users to post brief news updates called “tweets.” A Twitter account is not required to view the system’s page; however, by signing up users can receive updates as they are posted.

The university system can also be found on YouTube, the world’s largest site for sharing videos. Recent frequently viewed video posts include stories about turning algae into fuel, wind power and starting a business. A YouTube account is not required to watch UM system videos; however, signing up is free and gives users the ability to create playlists and leave comments.

“In the short time we’ve been doing this, we’ve already had more than 1,500 clicks on items we’ve posted to Twitter and Facebook,” said Hill.

The following campuses of the University of Missouri System also have profiles on popular social media sites.

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