Salary plus benefits equal total rewards

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Of course, your salary is an important part of why you accepted your job—and indeed why you work at all. But often we forget that the totality of our benefits exceed our salary alone. Salary + benefits = total rewards. What do our total rewards include?

Early detection saved my life

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Thirty-five percent of university faculty and staff report they do not receive their appropriate preventive screenings. We explore common reasons that Americans don’t receive their preventive screenings and tips for tackling them.

VIDEO: Making Your Medical Plan Choice

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Watch this video called 'Making Your Medical Plan Choice' to help determine which university medical plan is right for you.

Get moving with apps designed to help you meet your fitness goals

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There’s an app for everything these days. They keep us on schedule. They help us stay in touch with friends. So, why not help us be active? Today’s article focuses on fitness apps.

The benefits of the university’s wellness program for faculty, staff and the university

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Wellness programs are a great recruiting tool and can boost employee productivity. Learn about the university’s Healthy for Life program and take steps toward a healthier life.

The university’s life insurance policies

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One of your benefits as a benefits-eligible university employee is access to life insurance. We offer plans to cover you, your spouse/sponsored adult dependent and your children. Read more to see which plan best meets your needs.

What do you know about promoting a healthy lifestyle for your kids?

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You would do anything to keep your kids healthy, right? You can help protect their good healthy by serving healthy meals, exercising with your children and discussing the importance of health. Take the American Heart Associations’ quiz to learn about lifelong healthy habits for you and your kids.

How to avoid outliving your retirement nest egg

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Just as important as knowing how to save is knowing how to make those savings last throughout your retirement years. TIAA-CREF provides tips for making sure you have savings for every one of your golden years.

Mobile apps from our plan administrators: ASI Flex, Coventry, Delta Dental, Express Scripts and Health Equity

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Many of the companies that administer the university’s health plans provide mobile apps to make your health care easier. Access your ID cards, check account balances, file claims, track your transactions, and more.

Get your flu shot at one of the university’s clinics—free for eligible faculty and staff

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Flu season is around the corner, and we have events set up for you to get your flu shot. Read on to learn if you should get the vaccination and where to find us.