Strengthening the family

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Do you want to strengthen your family? Check out these indicators and tips.

Save a little more during America Saves Week

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Saving small amounts early on in your career makes a big difference when retirement rolls around; save one more percent in recognition of America Saves Week and reap the benefits when it is time to retire.

Do we have a fundamental connection to music?

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Research suggests that we might all have a basic level of musical knowledge hardwired in our brains. Watch this video where Bobby McFerrin demonstrates an audiences’ seeming innate understanding of the pentatonic scale.

Don’t be caught off guard by health costs in retirement

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Health care costs for retirees are projected to increase in the coming years, but your level of preparation can increase just as much with a bit of planning today.

Stretching safely and effectively

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Stretching is one of the most important aspects of exercise. It can help reduce the chance of injury during or after a workout and can prevent minor aches and pains. Here are a few tips and guidelines to help you incorporate stretching into your daily exercise routines.

Earn up to 150 points toward your incentive with online wellness workshops

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An online workshop through your Wellness Portal account is a great way to learn about a variety of wellness topics and earn points for Tier 2 of the 2015 Wellness Incentive!

Keep your eyes healthy and practice good contact lens hygiene

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Over 1 million people end up at the doctor’s office or the emergency room due to an eye infection. Almost all of them are there because of a preventable infection related to their bad contact lens habits. Your contact lenses may be disposable but your eyes are not. Take care of them properly with proper contact lens hygiene.

Why it’s important to get your eyes checked

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Poor eyesight can hinder work performance, coincide with mental health problems, signal diabetes or high cholesterol, and more. So, anyone can see why it’s important to care for your eyes!

Check your health, get a free health screening on campus

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Take 20 minutes to check your health. Sign up for a free screening. Understand your risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes…. Plus, the screening helps eligible faculty & staff earn $450 with the UM wellness incentive!

Advance Care Planning: How to prepare for the unexpected

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Complex situations can arise in today’s health care environment which can make it difficult to know how to uphold a patients’ wishes. Advance Care Planning (ACP) helps you prepare for a time when you cannot make your own medical decisions. Plan now. When you really need help with your medical decisions, it will be too late to plan.