Do you have a healthy office?

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In a simple and info-packed illustration, a recent article published in The Washington Post shows you what healthy and unhealthy offices look like.

What should I eat?

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Finding the right diet for your individual needs is the key! Here are some tips for optimal nutrition: (1) Choose foods as close to the way they occur in nature as possible. (2) Drink plenty of water. (3) Eat regularly spaced meals and snacks. (4) Be physically active. (5) Pay attention to what your body is signaling to you. (6) Plan, plan, plan!

How to make healthy lunches that work for you and your kids

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Heading back to school can be chaotic for the whole family. Don’t let healthy eating suffer. Work with your kids to make healthy lunches for the whole family.

Create a comfortable workstation in three easy steps

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You’re at your workstation eight to 10 hours per day. It is important that you are comfortable. When you’re comfortable, you work healthy—allowing yourself to move, taking care of your body and doing your job better.

Public service workers—including eligible University of Missouri employees—may receive student loan forgiveness from the federal government

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The government has a program that extends student loan forgiveness for public service workers. Eligible University of Missouri faculty and staff are included. Find out how you might be able to cancel some of your student debt.

Join GirlTrek’s 30-Day Challenge–Make a habit of walking

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GirlTrek is a grassroots movement made up of more than 21,000 women walking towards their best, most fulfilled lives. Join on your own, or create a team with as few as two women. GirlTrek is focused on empowering black women to improve their health, but all women are welcome!

Inactivity related to chronic disease in adults with disabilities

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Nearly half of adults with disabilities who are able to do aerobic physical activity do not get any. This group is 50 percent more likely than their active peers to have a chronic disease such as cancer, diabetes, stroke or heart disease.

Save on college with educational and tuition assistance!

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Active employees: Get 75 percent off your tuition and supplemental fees for college-level credit courses. Retirees: Get 100 percent off your tuition and fees. Spouses and dependents: You could qualify for 50 percent off your tuition. Restrictions apply. Learn more.

5 tips for protecting your lower back

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Low back pain is by far the most common orthopedic issue that Americans face, ranking second only to the common cold as a cause for physician visits. Follow these tips to protect your lower back from injury.

Financial Planning for Single Parents: Tackling Your Unique Challenges

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Getting divorced seven ago and becoming a single parent of two little girls was not in any of my plans. And I certainly had not planned financially for such an event. Recently, I visited the TIAA-CREF website in search of other financial planning information and stumbled across an article in their Advice and Guidance section that I would like to share. I definitely could have used this advice seven years ago.