Learn the BASICS of mindful eating and change the way you eat for life

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Byline: Tracey Westfield, Communications Associate

June is National Employee Wellness Month. We are celebrating with a series of blog posts to promote the four pillars of Healthy for Life: the T.E. Atkins University of Missouri (UM) Wellness program: physical activity, stress reduction, tobacco cessation and weight management. For this article, we’re focusing on weight management.

Have you reached into a potato chip bag and been surprised to learn that you had already eaten the whole bag? Have you felt full but kept eating your dinner? This is mindless eating. We’ve all done it, and it can undermine our goals for eating well and maintaining a healthy weight.

eatforlife_colorlogoThe opposite of mindless eating is—not surprisingly—mindful eating! Through mindful eating, you listen to your body and let it tell you what, when, why and how to eat. Join Dr. Lynn Rossy on a free teleconference where she will share mindful eating guidelines (not rules!) that will help you enjoy what you eat while supporting your health. All faculty and staff are welcome, as well as your families.

Dr. Rossy has been teaching and researching mindfulness-based interventions targeting stress, pain, cancer, depression and eating since 1999. She received her doctorate and was trained as a health psychologist at the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU). In 2002, Dr. Rossy founded the Mindfulness Practice Center at MU—an innovative program that offers mindfulness classes, workshops and presentations to students, faculty and staff.

The BASICS of mindful eating represents six guidelines that Dr. Rossy will share with you during the teleconference:

B – Breathe and belly check before you eat to assess hunger.

A – Assess your food.

S – Slow down.

I – Investigate your hunger throughout the meal.

C – Chew your food thoroughly

S – Savor your food

Don’t miss this teleconference. It’s an opportunity that could change the way you eat for life!

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About the author: Tracey is a Communications Associate in the UM System’s Total Rewards department. She has 15 years of experience in web communications.

Posted on June 12th, 2014

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