Requesting Address Changes

Requesting Address Changes to an Existing Vendor

If you have searched for your vendor and it does exist but an existing address sequence needs updated or an address needs to be added to the existing vendor then you will need to enter a request to change an existing vendor.  For instructions on requesting a change to an existing vendor please see pages 19 through 20 of the Non-PO Voucher 9.0 Appendix (Vendor Request Guide).

Requesting Address Changes to an Existing Vendor with a Restricted Address

Sometimes a vendor address will be “NO ADDRESS PROVIDED – SEND TO CONTROLLER’S OFFICE” and anytime you see the above (subject line) on a vendor record – it is when the vendor was an active employee and they had their “home address – restricted” in HR Payroll.

Per the University of Missouri Legal and Controller’s Offices, we need a statement from the terminated employee before we can update their vendor record to include their home address.  In order to proceed, the employee needs to send an email to both their campus payroll and accounting office containing a statement that they authorize the University of Missouri to remove the restriction they had placed on their home address while they were an employee. Then also provide their current home address. The campus Payroll will keep a record of the email to include with the HR records.

Reviewed 2014-04-15.

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