Searching for Vendors in PeopleSoft Production

First please log into PeopleSoft production and on the main menu please first click “Vendors” -> “Vendor Information” -> “Add/Update” -> “Vendor.” You will want to search by short name and the vendor short name is only the first 10 letters of the vendor name while using the vendor and customer naming conventions.

Here are a few examples:

  • John Q Public = PUBLICJOHN
  • University of Michigan = UNIVOFMI

Some special considerations related to vendor names;

  • Vendor name searches are case sensitive, so please use ALL CAPS
  • No spaces or punctuation is used in the Vendor Short Name.
  • The 2 letter postal abbreviations are used in states listed in the vendor’s name
  • Please use abbreviations for directions, i.e. N, S, E, W, NE, etc.

Once you have entered the vendor short name please click “Search” or hit “Enter.”  Your search results will be listed.  Next, you can search the list for the desired mailing address listed in the description.  If the address exists then note the vendor number and the address sequence number and use them to create your voucher.

Reviewed 2014-02-10.

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