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Shared Services Initiative / OEI Project Governance - Phase 2

Project Name:

Operational Excellence Initiative

Executive Sponsor:

President Timothy Wolfe

Steering Commitee

Gary Allen, VP for Information Technology

Sharon Lindenbaum, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, UMKC

Jackie Jones, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, MU

Nikki Krawitz, VP for Finance & Administration

Jim Krueger, Vice Chancellor for Managerial and Technological Services, UMSL

Randy Stoll, Interim Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, Missouri S&T

Betsy Rodriguez, Vice President for Human Resources

Sue Kopfle, Chief Human Resource Officer, University Hospital

Stacy Jones, Chair Intercampus Staff Council

Art Jago, Intercampus Faculty Council Representative

Curtis Coonrod, Vice Provost for Student Affairs, UMSL

Laura Stoll, Vice Provost and Dean for Enrollment Management, Missouri S&T

Brenda Selman, University Registrar, MU

Project Lead

Paul Toler, Chair

Reviewed 2012-10-22.