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Shared Services Initiative - Phase 1

April 2009 – November 2010

In 2009, under the leadership of President Gary D. Forsee, the University of Missouri System instituted a wide-ranging effort to curb expenses and avoid duplication of administrative tasks. Referred to as the “Shared Services Initiative,” the project’s continuing goal is to enable the university to achieve operating efficiencies and effectiveness across the enterprise, and to serve as a model for best practices.

Under the leadership of Vice President Gary Allen and Paul Toler, director of business services on the Columbia campus, a committee of representatives from UM System and each campus set out to identify administrative processes that would benefit from the adoption of shared services characteristics. These characteristics include:

  • Top priority: to delight the ultimate customer or end user;
  • Use service level agreements, metrics, etc. extensively to foster accountability, emphasize roles and responsibilities and measure the cost containment, unit cost and savings realized;
  • Standardize processes to drive out cost, improve service, achieve consistency and reduce rework; recognize the need for flexibility when necessary as it supports the academic enterprise.


Reviewed 2011-04-29.