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Henry C. Foley
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(Revised January 2013)

The System will collaborate with the campuses in achieving, by 2018, mutually agreed upon, best-in-class performance by leveraging our unique campus strengths and resources through applying leading practices and advocating for higher education and the University.

UM System Administration Draft Strategy Statement Detail:

The System will collaborate with the campuses…

System Administration will work with the campuses to ensure the campuses achieve their strategies, recognizing that System Administration’s success is dependent on the success of the campuses.  System Administration will both lead and provide support to the campuses.

…in achieving, by 2018, best-in-class performance

The campuses, in collaboration with System Administration, will identify specific, strategic areas of opportunity where the campuses can become the very best among their comparator group. These areas of opportunity may be related to the core mission of the campuses (i.e. education, research, economic development) or operational (e.g. leader in cost efficiency). These strategic areas of opportunity will be described in the campus strategic plans, and System Administration and campus leaders will be accountable for the achievement of the targeted outcomes.

System Administration will work with the campuses to identify appropriate targets: best in class performance will be defined together by the campuses and System Administration.

…by leveraging the unique strengths and resources of our campuses 

The University of Missouri System is different from other systems because of the unique nature of each of its campuses.    System Administration will deploy System resources (financial, human, or other) in support of this uniqueness while also fostering collaboration where indicated in order to efficiently and effectively use resources.  Resources will be focused on where they are likely to have the greatest impact in the least amount of time weighing long term sustainability against short-term impact. System Administration will encourage campuses to do the same with campus resources, and will advise campuses on effective resource use.

 …through applying leading   practices…

System Administration, in collaboration with the campuses, will identify, develop and diffuse best practices across the campuses.  System Administration will monitor the campuses’ progress toward strategic objectives and hold campus leaders accountable for performance. In addition, System Administration will identify new activities it can take on to gain economies of scale or scope across campuses and improve quality or efficiency.

 and advocating for higher education and the University.

System Administration will actively advocate, within the state and globally, for higher education generally and the University specifically. When the System advocates successfully for higher education, the campuses are more likely to achieve their strategic objectives, through enhanced reputation and increased access to resources.

Reviewed 2013-08-12.