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A goal of the Office of Research and Economic Development is to drive innovation into the marketplace by expanding system investment programs. To achieve this goal, the pipeline from innovation to commercialization must have a constant flow of new technologies. With seven funding programs in place, the UM System provides opportunities for researchers at each stage along the pipeline—from basic research to those ready to launch into the marketplace. These programs are designed to complement traditional federal and state funding sources. 

In 2012, the UM System’s funding programs awarded researchers more than $3.9 million. The results of these investments can be seen throughout this report. This year, our portfolio reached $6.7 million in licensing revenue and included 284 active license and option agreements, a 141% increase in five years. During this same five-year period, 2008-2012, these technologies led to 29 new companies. Last year our four campuses conducted $325.5 million in sponsored research alone.

In order to increase interdisciplinary and intercampus research collaboration, a new program just for this type of research was introduced. This $1 million fund was established with $125,000 contributions from each of the four campuses and a $500,000 match from the system. To accomodate increases in student entrepreneurship, a fund is being established to provide funding for UM student-led companies seeking development funding or business mentorship. Finally, FastTrack, a successful program from the past has been reinstated to provide gap-funding to further develop our most innovative technologies that are not quite ready for the marketplace. 

The University of Missouri System’s investments are crucial to the innovation process and fuel them through the pipeline.


Funding Opportunities

Research Board

Faculty Innovation Awards

Student Entrepreneurship Fund

Interdisciplinary Intercampus Research Program


Spinal Cord Injury Research Program

Enterprise Investment Program



Research Parks & Incubators

The University of Missouri System’s statewide network of research parks provides a thriving environment for discoveries to move from the laboratory to the marketplace. The atmosphere of innovation and collaboration attracts national and international tenants who create quality employment opportunities for Missouri citizens and millions of dollars of capital investment across the state.

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Office of Intellectual Property Administration

The Office of Intellectual Property Administration (OIPA) supports the economic development mission by encouraging broad practical application of university research for the public benefit; assisting those associated with the technology transfer program with evaluating, protecting, licensing and commercializing university discoveries; and carrying out new economic development initiatives designed to create jobs in Missouri.

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Funding Opportunities

The Office of Research and Economic Development is dedicated to commercializing university technologies - one of the biggest challenges to that mission is funding. To proactively combat the constant obstacle, the office has formulated different funding programs for faculty, students and innovations in all stages of the discovery process.

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Office of Research & Economic Development

The Office of Research and Economic Development was established in 2005 to link research and commercialization from the four University of Missouri System campuses with emerging and existing firms across the state and around the world. Working closely with the chief research officers, chancellors and technology transfer offices from each campus, the office also serves as a conduit to local, state and federal agencies to ensure research results aid the growth of Missouri’s economy.

The Office is dedicated to advancing Missouri through innovation, investment and infrastructure.

Our enthusiasm for these three categories revolves around the development of intellectual property, funding programs and research parks and incubators. Providing support during critical stages in university inventions’ path to the marketplace stimulates Missouri’s economy, jobs and entrepreneurship.

Our vision is to enable and lead Missouri’s transformation toward a knowledge-based economy dependent upon innovation and entrepreneurship.

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