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Posters: Transportation Fuels

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Title Author(s) Campus
Microalgae-Derived Biofuels and Bioproducts Paul K. Nam and Virgil Flanigan Missouri S&T
The Use of Modulated Light to Enhance Oil Production from Algae in an Underground Environment Summers, David Missouri S&T
A Novel Multi-scale Modeling Approach for Microalgae Growth in Multiphase Photo-bioreactors For BioEnergy Production and Power Plant Flue Gas Treatment Muthanna H. Al-Dahhan and Hu-Ping Luo Missouri S&T
New Process Technology for Energy Efficient Bio-Ethanol Production and Drier’s Emissions Reduction via Enzymatic Water Removal Ana_Beatriz Hanriques, David Johnston and Muthanna H. Al-Dahhan Missouri S&T
Advanced Reactor for Coal, Natural Gas, Bio-Gas, and Biomass Conversion to Clean Alternative Fuels Ahmed Youssef, Mohammed Awad and Muthanna Al-Dahhan Missouri S&T
Advancement of Slurry Bubble Column Reactors for Clean Alternative Energy Production from Natural Gas, Biogas, Coal and Biomass N. Rados, A. Shaikh, L. Han, C. Wu, Muthanna H. Al-Dahhan Missouri S&T
Hydrogen Safety in Accidental Release Scenarios Umit O. Koylu, Shravan K. Vudumu, John W. Sheffield Missouri S&T
Nitrogen Fertilization for Sweet Sorghum Used for Producing Ethanol Fuel Gene Stevens, Roland Holou, Matthew Rhine, and Jim Heiser MU
Utilizing Extremophilic Bacteria to Produce Biofuels Dwayne A. Elias, Matthew B. Begemann, Melanie R. Mormile, Judy D. Wall MU
Biohydrogen production by Cyanobacteria Theresa Thiel and Brenda Pratte UMSL
Increase Production of Plant Oils Wang, Geliang; Yao, Hongyan; Tawfall, Amanda; Wang, Xuemin UMSL
The impact of adding port fat to biodiesel and petroleum diesel fuel Bruce Bishop and Leon G. Schumacher MU
Engineering of biofuel crops for improving alternative energy production Xiaoyan Yin and Zhanyuan Zhang MU
Biomass from Switchgrass: An NAD-malic C4 sub-type plant  Dale Blevins MU
Nitrogen: The key to biofuel energy balance Peter Scharf and Harlan Palm; Newell Kitchen and Ken Sudduth MU
Switchgrass as a Bioenergy Crop: Biomass Production and Soil Carbon Sequestration in Response to Nitrogen Fertilization Andrew Heggenstaller, Kenneth Morre, Matt Liebman, and Robert Anex MRI, Iowa State University
In Vitro Regeneration Enhances the Propagation Potential of the Neotropical Giant Bamboo, Guadua Angustifolia, a Possible Perrenial Grass Biofuel Crop Devin Kiekel, Jason Hargett, Andrew Heggenstaller, and Dean Gray MRI
Co-Products:  Acquiring More Than Just Energy From Energy Crops Reed Oshel, Andrew Heggenstaller, and Dean Gray MRI
Production of Biodiesel from Algae Brandon O'Brien, Kathryn Schnare, Angela Clay, Sara Hamilton, John Lednicky, Jesse Coble, Tim Lanigan, Aura Ammenhauser, and Dean Gray MRI
Engineering Analysis of Closed Photo Bioreactors for use in Carbon Sequestration and Biofuel Production Jamie Balarashti, Joseph Bindel, S. Philip Buckley, Robert Barton MRI
Biofuel Production Utilizing Microbial Communities:  Design and Optimization Based on Dynamic Metabolic Flux Analysis Sarah Torkamani, Xueyang Feng, Yinjie Tang, Radhakrishna Sureshkumar Washington University
Study of the First Isolated Fungus Capable of Heavy Crude Oil Biodesulfurization Sarah Torkamani, Jalal Shayegan, Soheila Yaghmaei, Iran Alemzadeh Washington University
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