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A special series of podcasts focusing on energy-related research at the University of Missouri System's four campuses. Click here to listen.

Video gallery contaning video messages from U.S. Senators Claire McCaskill and Kit Bond, as well as energy related-stories from the University of Missouri.


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Posters: Materials for Energy Applications

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Title Author(s) Campus
Multi-Laser Technology for Clean Energy Applications: Remote Detection and Nano/Micro Fabrication  Hai-Lung Tsai and Hai Xiao Missouri S&T
Characterizations of Semiconductor Photodetectors for UV Detection Linghui Li and Ping Yu MU
Quantum energy levels of hydrogen adsorbed on nanoporous carbons:  an intrinsic probe for pore structure, and improving Monte Carlo simulations of adsorption Raina Cepel, Bogdan Kuchta, Lucyna Firlej, Peter Pfeifer, and Carlos Wexler MU
Structural and energetic factors in designing a perfect nano-porous sorbent for hydrogen storage B. Kuchta, L. Firlej, R. Cepel, C. Wexler, and P. Pfeifer MU
Flame Synthesis of Spinel LiMn2O4 Cathode Material for Seconday Lithium Ion Batteries Xiaofeng Zhang, Richard L. Axelbaum, William Buhro Washington University
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