EAP Training Programs and Workshops

Training Programs

Organizational work units may request training and development programs from EAP. Work units may request the design and delivery of a specialized training and development program, or may select an existing module. General process steps to guide EAP intervention with regard to training a development programs are as follows.

  • Organizational and needs analysis
  • Data analysis – interpretation
  • Criteria development
  • Design of instructional objectives and training content
  • Validity analysis
  • Selection of a fitting training or experimental design
  • Delivery of training program
  • Training evaluation

To request a program or to collect more information about this service, please contact the EAP Director at (573) 882-6701. A summary list of existing EAP Occupational Stress Programs is available at:

Available Workshops


EAP Survey

  • EAP Customer Satisfaction Survey - Clinical
  • EAP Evaluation of Organizational Consulting Effectiveness
  • EAP Evaluation of Training Effectiveness
  • Job Stress Questionnaire

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