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Parenting Teens Using Emotion Coaching
Our role as parents change during the preteen and teen years. Emotion Coaching is one strategy which can reduce conflict while also improving interaction skills through the use of emotional intelligence. Utilizing an audio presentation, we will learn about the 5 steps of Emotion Coaching in the context of the developmental stage of adolescents.
Presented by Jean Kirch-Holliday, MU Employee Assistance Program Practitioner and ParentLink Family Support Specialist
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Budgeting Tips for a Happy Holiday
Consumers spend more money during the Christmas holiday season on presents, travel, and entertaining, than at any other time of the year. Much of that buying is done on credit, at high interest, which can lead to major debt and finance problems for months or even years to come. Learn common sense tips that will help keep your holiday cheer from becoming a financial burden.
Presented by Virgil Woolridge, Family Financial Education Specialist, Associate Extension Professional
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Grief and the Holiday Season
The holidays are typically a joyous time, but not everyone will feel like celebrating. Grievers may feel isolated, even in the presence of others, and believe no one understands. Adapting to the absence of someone important in your life is difficult enough. But the first holiday season, with its constant reminders of family, coupled with holiday joy and tradition, can be especially painful. The myth that time heals all wounds isn't true; healing occurs with action. This workshop will provide information on how to actively recover from grief and cope with the holiday season.
Presented by Renee Powers-Scott, MU Student Counseling Center Referral Coordinator
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Supporting a Friend or Family Member with Depression
Sometimes it is hard to know the best ways to support or encourage someone we care about who experiences the illness of depression. This session will provide a variety of communication strategies and resources available in your role as family member or friend. There will also be a brief overview describing how depressive signs may vary among the elderly, teens, etc.
Presented by Jean Kirch-Holliday, MU Employee Assistance Program and ParentLink Family Support Specialist
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