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Sleep and a Good Night's Rest
Effective sleep patterns contribute to better overall wellness. Dr. Goyal will present information about the important functions that are served by sleep and what contributes to sleep disturbances. Learn about practices you can change such as personal habits, bedtime routines, and your environment to obtain better sleep.
With Dr. Munish Goyal MD, MCh, Diplomate American Board of Sleep Medicine, Assistant Professor, Neurology
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Caring for Kinship Caregivers
Grandparents and other loved ones raising children face unique obstacles and opportunities in parenting. It sometimes happens that these individuals devote so much time and energy caring for others that they do not attend to their own needs. As the co-leader of the Boone County Grandfamilies Support Group, Karen will address issues such as navigating new family dynamics, managing child questions about permanency, building social support, and self-care.
With Karen Traylor, Volunteer Coordinator of Missouri GRANDFamily Coalition at MU ParentLink
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Work Place Commuting
This session is designed to encourage and support employees wanting to explore the feasibility of commuting to work by bicycle whether you live 2 or 20 miles from your MU workplace. Possibilities may include driving to a central location and biking the remaining miles. Topics include bicycle selection, apparel, equipment options and responsible riding techniques.
With Rachel Ruhlen, certified cycling instructor with Columbia Parks and Recreation and the GetAbout Columbia Project.
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Discovering Your Family's Strengths
Families experience many changes and challenges; the ways we manage these can bring us closer, or, at times draw us apart. This session will provide an opportunity to identify the ways in which we are already building up our family and creating meaningful relationships, as well as ways to improve our families through intentional actions.
With Jean Kirch-Holliday, Practitioner with the MU Employee Assistance Program and Family Support Specialist at ParentLink
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